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Answer some questions to some short stories - Essay Example

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Gilman Perkins condemned the rest cure claiming that it facilitated harmful treatment of women by male physicians. The narrator had a nervous breakdown when she was taken there by her uncaring husband, John (Gilman 23).
2. Gilman blames John, the narrator for the…
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Answer some questions to some short stories
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Download file to see previous pages 3. Yes, John is the villain in the story. She is against the empowerment and wellbeing of his wife. There other people falling in this category, but he emerges the epitome and fits the description of villain in the story. This is because, the narrator is his own wife and any reader would expect him to treat her in the right and humane manner contrary to what he does.
4. The color of the wallpaper is yellow. Yellow is next brightest and most visible color after white. On the paper are sub-patterns of desperate women. The patterns are clear to the narrator. The paper is a representation of medicine, family, as well as tradition which the narrator has found herself entangled in. The color shows that the oppressive practices of men are clear to the eyes of the victims, women.
5. (Q9). The roles of women in the story are facilitation and enhancement of themes such as love, death, and enabler. The author, O’Brien, uses the existing love between Lt. Jimmy Cross and Martha to show the trend between the separation created during the war and the soldiers. The relationship between the two was not that hopped for in the first place. Cross is obsessed with Martha and this leads to the death of Ted Lavender. Similarly soldier’s love and patriotism for their country makes them kill opponents. Kathleen, O’ Brien’s daughter acts as the enabler for untrue stories he writes. Linda acts as a symbol that the dead can be immortalized (O’Brien 18).
6. (Q11) War is a representation or metaphor of human life. People like Perish because of love. The soldiers fight and some of them die because of their love for their people. There are also loneliness and isolation in the story. O’Brien affirms that loneliness in Vietnam is destructive forces like any other type of ammunition.
7. (Q12) If the US instituted the law today, I will definitely go and serve my country in Vietnam. There are challenges as revealed in the book by Tim challenges ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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