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Vocabulary Game - Essay Example

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• This lesson aims to introduce the tiny tots to a variety of opposites, and identify their difference in a very easy and fun way. …
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Vocabulary Game
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Extract of sample "Vocabulary Game"

This lesson aims to introduce the tiny tots to a variety of opposites, and identify their difference in a very easy and fun way.
The secondary aim of the lesson is to familiarize the children with various vocabulary relating to people, different things, animals and characters etc.
Learning outcomes:
The children learn to identify the differences that are around them.
The children learn to relate the pictures to the relevant words.
This approach helps the children in learning and understanding a variety of words which they usually read in story books and fairy tales.
The children learn the opposite meanings in a natural way (implicit in the game) without having to know the definitions.
Marker pen
Three sets of Flash Cards (A4 size thick cards)
First set having pictures representing a set of words.
Second set having pictures representing the opposites of the words.
Third set of cards showing both the pictures together that show the differentiation.

Opposite words
Pictures on flash card representing the opposite word
Big # small
Elephant -- ant
Beautiful # ugly
Princess -- beast
Fat # thin
Laurel -- Hardy
Good # bad
Jerry (Mouse) – Tom (cat)
Hot # cold
Milk/coffee – Ice cream
Sweet # spicy
Pie – red pepper
Tall # short
Giraffe -- deer
Full # empty
Glass with juice – an empty glass
Laugh # cry
Clown (laughing) – boy (crying)
Fast # slow
Hare -- tortoise
The children are made to sit in a semi-circle. The teacher stands near the board. The three sets of flash cards are placed on the table separately.
Initially the children may simply name the picture on the card without saying whether it is big or small.
The children are to some extent familiar with the words or they could be using them in daily life or could have come across while reading stories.
The children can grasp the meaning by looking at the size, shape, or character of the picture and will be able to identify the right word.
The children will be motivated by seeing others think and try to answer.
The children will enjoy looking at a funny picture and saying aloud a related word rather than directly learning words written on a board or in a book.
Step 1: Initially the teacher explains to identify opposites by drawing or showing pictures. (Pre-lesson).
Step 2: The teacher calls one child to come and pick up a card from the first set.
Step 3: The child comes and picks up a card from the first set. (E.g. card having a picture of an elephant). The teacher asks how the elephant is big or small.
Step 4: The child answers her question (other children clap) and the teacher writes the word on the board.
Step 5: The teacher calls another student to pick up a card from the second set having a card with the opposite picture (ant).
Step 6: The child comes and picks up the card (E.g. card having a picture of an ant). The teacher asks how the ant is big or small.
Step 7: The child answers her question and the teacher writes the opposite word on the board.
The above steps are repeated till all the cards are completed.
Step 8: Then the teacher takes a card from the third set having both the pictures (elephant and ant) with words written (big and small). She says aloud both the words with the help of gestures and expressions while the children repeat the same with action imitating the teacher.
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