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Activity and Resource Organizer - Essay Example

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This paper will describe at least three activities, as well as three resources, which would be appropriate for English Language Learners (ELL) within the Alabama state. John is a 10-year old 4th grader. His first language is Hindu as his family migrated from Indian to come and…
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Activity and Resource Organizer
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"Activity and Resource Organizer"

Download file to see previous pages Ask the learners to make the name for their vessels for instance with the names of cities, animals, film stars or let them find their own favorite names.
Request them to select the Shooter and the Captain. The captains job is to remember his ships name, so he/she can answer if somebody calls his/her vessel’s name. The shooters task is to remember the names of the vessels of their rivals, so he/she can shoot them through calling their vessel’s name.
Such an activity, memorizing various vocabularies, will assist the English Language Learner understand various vocabularies (Tomlinson, 2010). This is because they will be able to grasp various vocabularies in the English language.
When you are done reading, they will have to choose the correct one. (It does not, however, matter if none of the explanations is correct). After they have selected and none of the groups gave the accurate meaning, you read the right one aloud.
In an academic content, students will be able to utilize their understanding of vocabularies to instruct others. By discussing the meaning of the word warmonger, the will be able to settle which best suits the situation.
A mind map refers to a diagram utilized to visually sketch information (Rose & Meyer, 2006). It is frequently created around a single text or word, positioned in the middle, to which related ideas, concepts and words are put. Key categories emit from a mid node, and minor categories are sub-branches of wider branches. Groups can symbolize words, tasks, ideas, or other items associated with a central idea or key word (Rose & Meyer, 2006).
Mind maps aid in summarizing (Rose & Meyer, 2006). They are also used as a mnemonic method, or to sort out a complex idea (Ramsden, 2010). They are also considered as a way of collaborating with color pen creativity in order to assist an ELLs understand English.
By utilizing graphic organizers across every subject area, a teacher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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