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What do managers do - Essay Example

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They have an important role in achieving the goals of a company. Every department of a company has managers and they supervise and monitor the activities of the employees under them. An efficient manager is a good…
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What do managers do
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What Managers Do? Managers are a corner stone of every business organization. They have an important role in achieving the goals of a company. Every department of a company has managers and they supervise and monitor the activities of the employees under them. An efficient manager is a good decision maker, team worker and motivator. The employees set their managers as role model hence a manager needs to be careful about his behavior and performance in a company. Managers have many duties and roles in an organization as they have to monitor and analyze the overall performance of a company. They have many duties and some can be detailed as below.
Sets Objective
For a company to be successful, the manager needs to set many goals and objective which it needs to achieve during a period of time. Setting objectives is an important duty of a manager. From the top level management to the lower level management setting objectives is an important task of manager. It is not a simple task and need lot of thinking, analysis, experience of business and knowledge. The objective is set to describe the desired outcome of a business activity. A manager as a part of setting objective outlines the goals and tasks to his subordinates. The objectives need to be set after considering many factors related to business. A manager need to consider the resources, capital and manpower of the
company to set objective. As per Riley( 2012) “A popular way to look at objectives is to see them as part of a hierarchy of forward-looking terms which help set and shape the strategy of a business”.
Organizing the business activities of a company is a significant part of manager’s job. The manager divides the activities in to manageable manner and selects people which suit each task. A manager must make efficient use to time to achieve goals as per set objective. In order to organize activities, the manager has to plan in ahead of time. Breaking down major task in to smaller activities and assigning them to right employees organizes the work of a business. As per Matista( 2013) “While getting organized requires some diligence, your company will benefit significantly in the long run”.
A manager has the responsibility of motivating his employees. Employees need motivation and encouragement from time to time and it is the duty of the manager to do so. Manager can motivate an employee in many ways like promotions; increase in salary and by awarding certificates. According to Alexander (2013) “One of the best ways to lay the groundwork for future motivation is to acknowledge and reward successes”. Actually, a manager is trained about the ways in which employees can be motivated. Employees sometimes lose the interest to work and managers need to apply many tactics to motivate them. Motivating is a talent and all managers necessarily need not have this skill. If the manager need not motivate his employees then they can turn bitter and defensive in due course of time.
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What Do Managers Do Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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