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Answer some questions - Essay Example

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They met under funny circumstances. Anna’s best friend, Christine, knew Paul and his best friend but did not know that Paul had a huge crush on Anna…
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Answer some questions
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Sur Secrets to a Great Marriage I had the good fortune of interviewing my friend’s parents, Paul and Anna who have been together since their college days. They met under funny circumstances. Anna’s best friend, Christine, knew Paul and his best friend but did not know that Paul had a huge crush on Anna. One day, as they passed through the university hall, Christine saw Paul sitting on a table and approached him. Paul was surprised to see that Anna was with Christine and suddenly play-acted to be a gay man so that Anna will feel at ease with him right away after they were introduced. Paul said he found Anna cute and feminine, and when he started talking to her he found out she was smart and funny as well. Anna said she found Paul interesting, down-to earth and comfortable to be with.
As they got to know each other better (and Anna found out that Paul was not gay after all), they fell deeply in love and became sweethearts for a long time even way after college. They went steady for a decade before deciding to get married. They knew that they were meant for each other and accepted each other for all their strengths and weaknesses. They decided to marry because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives and grow old together.
Paul admitted that he had a string of girlfriends before he met Anna and even played around when they were going steady. However, he promised her that once they got married, he would remain faithful to her only. He became more responsible because he knew he had another person to take care of and not just himself. With Anna, he became more independent and learned to be a good homemaker. Since she did the chores, she became better at cooking, cleaning and making their home cosy and comfortable for both of them. When they had a son, they became even closer as they relied on each other in raising him as well.
Paul and Anna had their own share of difficulties in their marriage. Money was often tight since they were not earning enough, but they found ways to survive so as not to get hungry and still pay the bills. They were fortunate enough to have the supportive people around them who showered their son with gifts and nice things that they themselves could not afford. They made sure their son would have a good and comfortable life as they promised to do their best to give it to him.
After being together for 28 years, Paul and Anna (10 years as steady boyfriend-girlfriend and 18 years married) are still deeply in love with each other. It is not only a romantic relationship, but a true friendship and partnership. They have gone through a number of trials, but they managed to emerge victorious because they were confident of each other’s love and support. They say the secret is really knowing each other and being able to communicate even without words. They shared the same sense of humor and find it in everything even in their troubles. They know how to cheer each other up when one is feeling down. But the best thing is that they fully trust in the Lord in everything they do. They can testify that He’s always been there to provide for them whenever they did not have enough. They feel His presence all the time and feel blessed by him.
Their advice for young people planning to get into marriage is to really know their prospective spouse well before plunging into marriage. Of course, one cannot know each other totally, and there is still something to learn about the other each day. They also advised to find someone who will make each other laugh and talk about anything without feeling uncomfortable or bored. They say the best advice they can give is to trust in God. Include Him in the marriage so He forms a triangle of love with them.
I have learned so much from Paul and Anna and wish that someday I will be able to also find a life partner who will accept me for everything that I am and love me in spite of my flaws. They are truly an inspirational couple who can make anyone believe in the power of love and the sanctity of marriage. Read More
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Answer Some Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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