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For over sixty years now, the Associated Press Stylebook has been the most essential style guide for professionals, writers, and journalists all over the world. As a result, new additions and revisions to the book are anticipated every year. The AP stylebook changes frequently…
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Memo about ap stylebook
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Associated Press Stylebook For over sixty years now, the Associated Press Stylebook has been the most essential style guide for professionals, writers, and journalists all over the world. As a result, new additions and revisions to the book are anticipated every year. The AP stylebook changes frequently mainly to affix or clarify some entries. These may relate to the latest news stories. Carrying out revision and staying on top of the changes can be demanding. This memo explains the most important revisions that should be made to the AP Stylebook.
Revising parameters such as distance is very important. For example, all distances should be in figures, using ‘5 miles is better than using five miles. Making this change will make the sentence more appealing to the reader unlike when it is in words. There are some words that are treated as two words, yet they seem better when they are written as one. ‘Under way’ appears better and has a good meaning when it is written as one word; ‘underway’.
Additionally, using a general term such as ‘partners’ seems to be better and respectable when referring to a married couple. Husbands and wives is provocative and when it is pronounced it sounds as an offence to the one who is saying it and the people who are listening. The terms ‘husbands’ and ‘wives’ should not be used to refer to the same sex couples.
The AP Stylebook should consider doing away with the term ‘illegal immigrant’. This is a loaded term and it is the action of migration that is illegal and not the person. The stylebook should instead advice clearly the action of illegal migration, because it is the controversy and not the person that is explained. Homosexuality is another word that brings many debates. The AP Stylebook describes homosexuality as a ‘sexual orientation’. Revising it to a ‘sexual preference’ sounds better because, preference is what someone likes to do while orientation is simply what you are.
There is a need to cover social media guidelines in the AP stylebook. With the increase in user generated journalism pieces, the stylebook is supposed to show how they can secure and authenticate photo captions and some video scripts. AP should recognize Skype, Google Hangout, and flash mobs. It is important for them to develop a platform for communication with the people so that they may tell them and answer some questions or any other revisions made to the stylebook. Many people especially traditionalists have disagreed with some controversial changes that have been made in the past. Communicating with them on a regular basis will make them to understand the basis of the changes.
Prior to making any changes in the stylebook, wide consultation is vital. The editors should take feedback from the consultations and use it for any revisions and changes. Any proposals made are implemented once all the team has agreed on them. Do not go on with the implementation that may end up humiliating a given group.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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Memo about Ap Stylebook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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