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Sickle cell anemia (SCA) comes in a varied array of forms of sickle cell illness, and it is genetic blood disorder which is mostly found in the United States. This disease mostly affects the African Americans where there are about 1500 people admitted due to this disease…
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Sickle cell anemia
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Sickle cell anemia (SCA) Sickle cell anemia Sickle cell anemia (SCA) comes in a varied array of forms of sickle cell illness, andit is genetic blood disorder which is mostly found in the United States. This disease mostly affects the African Americans where there are about 1500 people admitted due to this disease annually (Geller, 2009). Around 70,000 people, who are from sub African, even though there are some reports in India, some parts of central and South American areas, southern parts of Europe, and Caribbean regions mostly experience sickle cell anemia. Several children do not show any sign of SCA until the fetal hemoglobin quantity drops and there is a rise in postnatal hemoglobin. However, prior to their early age, functional asplenia commonly increases and it may cause death to children. This is due to septicemia or some other issues. This is except if SCA is immediately diagnosed, and is broadly cared for in a medical and home environment, creating maternity nursing an important factor of knowledge of the Sickle cell anemia for neonatal health care (Silverstein & Silverstein, 2007).
As stated by Bloom (2001), research tool will explore all areas of research where it will compare and analyze the present and data from the research which will be carried out. The research tool always promotes more accurate findings by providing the expected findings. The research would intend to explore some of the effects and medical interventions to the patients experiencing Sickle cell anemia. Some research tools will be employed to assist in providing effective and reliable data and information. Qualitative and quantitative analysis would be used throughout the research. Some research questionnaires would be used, and patients and doctors would be asked to answer some questions which will be provided to them by a research team. Bibliometrics will also be used as it uses mathematical and statistical modes to examine and evaluate the finding of the scientific publications (Peterson, 2008). Particularly, this research is intended to support collaborations and innovation which will result to scientific advances. The research questions are listed below:
• Do SCA have medicines? Do these medicines have side effects?
• What are the initial intervention plans for patients with SCA?
• Recognition of any risk factors or expectation of results.
• Do medical providers have any other choice for treatment and corrective options for sickle cell anemia?
• What is the probability of would-be mothers to give birth to babies with sickle cell disease?
• What are the health complications which can be brought about by sickle cell disease?
• What is the life span of a person with sickle cell anemia and what are some of its immediate and long-term effects.
As per reports from several studies, SCA is an inherited disease which affects mostly the Black population. In relation to the intensive studies, it affects around one person in every 400 people who are of African origin. As said by Peterson (2008), Sickle Cell genes are as well present in people from Mediterranean countries, for instance, Italy and Turkey. The first sign of SCA was reported in 1910 by some researchers (Mortali, 2011). Since then, many people have established studies to explore more about their effects and its origin. These researches include molecular, inheritance, and pathology. Most of the studies about SCA were carried out in children; U.S. alone has analyzed around 4,000 patients.
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