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Forensic Abilities of Sherlock Holmes - Essay Example

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Sherlock Holmes, the great fictional detective created by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle uses his great powers of observation, scientific methods and his great intellect to solve crimes in “The Red-Headed League” and ”Silver Blaze”. While in “The Red-Headed League” he averts a cleverly formulated bank robbery, In “Silver “Blaze”, he finds the missing race horse and solves the murder of the trainer. …
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Forensic Abilities of Sherlock Holmes
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Extract of sample "Forensic Abilities of Sherlock Holmes"

Download file to see previous pages Modern forensic science owes a great deal to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who created the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes has been the greatest detective of modern fiction. The stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle have been translated into all the major languages of the world. Investigation of crime has become more scientific and logical after the stories of Sherlock Holmes started to appear in journals in the late nineteenth century. In these stories, the detective Sherlock Holmes follows a scientific method of investigation. He considers even the seemingly insignificant evidence, and follows all the clues, till he solves the crime. He notices the dress, manner and bearing of a person and forms his conclusions. Many times, he can foresee a crime about to be committed, as in the case of “The Red-Headed League” and “The Speckled Band”. Quite often he has been able to prevent a crime from being committed, but many times he has been a little late.
the scientific and forensic methods followed by the great detective Sherlock Holmes are an example to detectives in real life. In these two remarkable detective stories, The Red-Headed League and Silver Blaze, we see the detective’s keen powers of observation, his meticulous attention to detail and the scientific methods he follows to solve the crime. His forensic methods tell him who committed the crime as well as how the crime was committed. It also tells him the reason for the crime. Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest detectives of fiction, who can anticipate a bank robbery and catch the criminals. He can also find the real culprit in a murder and save an innocent man from going to jail. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Forensic Abilities of Sherlock Holmes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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