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Personality Analyiss - Essay Example

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The word “Personality” does not refer to enthusiasm, liveliness or the set of positive traits or qualities that often make us say he’s got a great personality. According to several psychologists it is a distinctive collection of diverse mental facets that includes…
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Personality Analyiss
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Extract of sample "Personality Analyiss"

Download file to see previous pages There are also some, who regard personality as a diamond consisting of diverse facets of behavior and belief. Still there are others who argue that the whole notion of personality is wrong headed – a comfortable fiction rather than a scientific fact. Usually in this view, personality is often influenced by the immediate circumstances rather by the social interactions, that is, personality remains consistent due to the environmental factors that also remain unchanged. Significantly, personality has been postulated and analyzed by a number of experts in the field of behavioral science, and as a result, a number of theories elaborating the nature and rationale have emerged, thereby providing a wide area for interpretation and further research.
This essay presents an analysis of a fictional character from a popular television series entitled, CSI. The character of Gil Grissom is the main subject of this study in the aim to dissect and point out certain specific traits and explain them according to the theories advanced by several personality psychologists more particularly of Howard S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustac. The succeeding paragraph will also present arguments that will validate the presence of these theories in the chosen fictional character to establish a solid ground for conclusion.
At the age of 22, Gill Grissom became the youngest coroner in LA County. He was recruited to run the field service office in Las Vegas where he spent 17 years elevating the status of the Vegas laboratory into the second most efficient crime lab in the United States. Earning a biology degree from UCLA, Grissom worked as a night shift supervisor of the Las Vegas Crime Unit. Being a forensic entomologist and a CSI level three, he was knows as the ‘bug man’ amongst his colleagues which was originally composed of Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown and Sarah Sidle in the first few seasons. Eventually ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personality Analyiss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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