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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle built Sherlock Holmes as a fictional detective. Sherlock Holmes is a consultant detective based in London. He is known for his intelligent logical reasoning. He also has an ability to adopt in any disguise and rely, on forensic science, to solve difficult cases. …
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Sherlock Holmes
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"Sherlock Holmes"

Sir Conan Doyle based the Sherlock Holmes character on Dr. Joseph Bell who was a surgeon. Sherlock Holmes and Joseph Bell were known for basing their conclusions on the smallest observations. Sherlock Holmes uses his power of observation, in addition to perseverance and intelligence. These attributes show that Sherlock Holmes was an independent and insightful investigator. His independence and insight play a crucial role to the story because they help in the creation of drama, conspiracy and suspense.
Sherlock Holmes was an independent investigator because of the fact that he was a consulting detective. He worked privately and independently, unlike employed detectives. He was paid by private citizens in order to investigate crimes, on a freelance basis. In the story, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, Sherlock Holmes investigated the death of Julia Stoner independently. He was approached, by Helen Stoner, to investigate the unknown causes of Julia's death. Helen Stoner is also worried about her safety. In this story, Holmes set out to look for the cause of Julia’s death. Holmes’ personal view was that he was an independent investigator. As an independent investigator, he was extremely specialized and followed each case minutely and personally.
Helen Stoner sought Holmes’ assistance because the authorities investigating the case could not find the cause of Julia’s death. They could not find evidence of poison or violence. The authorities also concluded that nobody entered Julia’s room because Julia locked the door from inside. Holmes’ independent investigation led to the conclusion that Helen’s stepfather had a motive for killing the two sisters because of their inheritance. Read More
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