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Several strategies have been applied by the director of Sherlock Holmes movie to depict him as a human rather than a superhero. …
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Sherlock holmes: a Game of Shadows
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Insert Insert Discussion Several strategies have been applied by the director of Sherlock Holmes movie to depict him as a human rather than a superhero. First of all, he has been shown to rely on evidence to make decisions. Holmes insists with confidence that evidence points to another direction. Later, we see him apologize to Molly, the lab technician, begging, “I am sorry. Forgive me”. This happened after he had confused her with his wit. He is also presented as a character with humanistic weaknesses, addiction, for instance. Sherlock is dependent on tobacco and he becomes hysterical when he cannot find some. This presents him as imperfect, just as typical human as others. When he is tricked into the bomb area, he does not come out like a superhero, but he is hurt just like any other human, even though we later learn he never died.
Watson acts as the character beside Holmes. He, however, makes efforts to dissociate himself from Holmes in some occasions by getting married to Mary. Having got married, he has the perfect reason to move away from Holmes, as he has to go on honeymoon with his wife. On other occasions, we see him playing absent-minded; for example, in the train we see him being not concentrated. However, these strategies do not keep him away from Holmes, only marriage gives him the gate pass to staying away from Holmes for a long period. This in a way relaxes the tension. But this is not forever, Watson cannot stay away from Holmes for a simple reason - he loves adventure and being with Holmes; he needs an adventure to keep his life interesting and exciting.
Moriarty is the mastermind of all the evil. His intension is to trigger the break of a third world war and he seems to be succeeding through his carefully crafted strategies. To achieve this, he plays a pretender. He is behind the chain of bombings that appear to be the work of an anarchists’ group. With the anarchists deemed responsible, it may trigger other groups to go up in arms with the anarchists causing the third world war by such actions. But Holmes does not yield to this and he is the only person with extraordinary intelligence that matches Moriarty’s evil wit and uncovers his plot. There is only one reason why Moriarty is doing all this, namely, his selfishness. He is the owner of a weapons’ manufacturing company and in case a third world war breaks, he will dramatically increase sales, hence, becoming a rich man.
Some of the characters who are quite similar to the main characters are Mycroft Holmes and Sebastian Moran working for Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty respectively. Mycroft is presented as the one possessing ability to make critical conclusions on certain issues even better than his young brother, Sherlock Holmes, can do at times. On the other hand, Sebastian Moran is similar to Moriarty in his perfect ability to deceive people. It becomes evident for the audience that Moran had won by cheating and Adair knew that. Because Adair had threatened to expose him, Moran shot him dead with a rifle having a silencer so that to keep his lie covered (French, 2012).
French, P. (2012). Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – review. Paris: The Guardian Movie Review. Read More
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