The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Watson - Essay Example

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In the book, the author has used various literary styles to bring about characterization. In this essay, the character chosen and analyzed for characterization in respect to the books provided is Doctor Watson…
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Watson
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"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Watson"

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Watson In the book, the has used various literary styles to bring about characterization. The readers are able to identify the characters of the cast from how they behave, what other people say about them, what they say about themselves and what they say about other people. In this essay, the character chosen and analyzed for characterization in respect to the books provided is Doctor Watson.
Throughout the story, Doctor Watson has been used as the back born of narration. However, one easily realizes that he is not mentioned even once in the titles of the books. In an instant of setting eyes on the book, one immediately notices that Dr Watson is depicted as the one who is fond of building someone else’s glamour at the opportunity cost of his own. He shows this character throughout the literary work; always giving glory to the name of Holmes other than his own.
Sherlock Holmes is on the other side depicted as one who is brave, smart and a very brilliant detective. For this reason, the character of Dr. Watson revolves about Sherlock Holmes, whom he adores and praises. There are many a times he claims that Sherlock Holmes has solved a case without mentioning or even having an idea how Holmes did it (Doyle p125). This tells the readers of how naive the doctor was. He is less observant and always misses the important details when charged with simple responsibilities. At some instance, Holmes comments after his failure to gather crucial information (Doyle p83).
His characterization as incapable of observing simple cognitive abilities bring about irony in the stories as he was is portrayed as an educated doctor who attended to the military personnel in Afghanistan. He came back from the warfront following a knee injury; and was always the one who carried the gun in their most dangerous encounters with Sherlock Holmes. Besides, Watson is portrayed as one who has the ability to positively relate to people even in the absence of Holmes. This shows that he has great interpersonal skills, which enables him to engage in healthy relationships with other people. The irony is therefore presented in the book through Holmes, who is used to make a learned and smart medical doctor look dumb. Watson is modest and always complimenting Holmes; showing Holmes genius by always providing comparisons.
He is neither an inspector or a hostile opposition to Holmes, he is his sympathetic, friendly foil and this shows is character of being socially dynamic; being able to relate to different men in a friendly and compromising manner.
Holmes lacks the social feeling and this is complimented by Watson’s cool and sympathetic nature; they show a rather opposing personalities but their friendship is based on grounded mutual understanding and respect. The vivid bromance that connects the two people speaks positively on both of them. Through Holmes, a very close friend to Dr. John Watson, Doyle the author is able to portray the characters of Watson. This reciprocates well as Watson is also used to show the character of Sherlock Holmes.
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Doyle, Arthur C. The Adventures & Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Ware, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth, 1996. Print. Read More
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