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Sherlock Holmes as Method Expert - Essay Example

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One of the most well-known detectives of all time is a man who never existed. In bringing to life the character of Sherlock Holmes through 60 original stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the scientific process to the process of solving crime. This paper references to two Sherlock Holmes stories (excluding "The Blue Carbuncle"), discusses the extent to which 'forensic' or 'scientific' methods are employed. …
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Sherlock Holmes as Method Expert
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Extract of sample "Sherlock Holmes as Method Expert"

Download file to see previous pages According to an article published in 1951, Doyle did not believe the contemporary process of solving crime through such processes as intuition or circumstantial evidence was sufficient for determining guilt or innocence. Trained as a physician himself, Doyle was intimately aware of the importance of the scientific process in deducing the causes of illness or the nature of injury as a means of helping his patients. However, with a great deal of time on his hands thanks to a lackluster practice and a keen interest in real-life mystery, it was perhaps inevitable that he would make these connections. According to his wife, “he was able, through his remarkable powers of deduction and inference, to locate missing people whose relatives had given them up as lost or murdered”. This application of scientific method as a means of solving crimes was not Doyle’s only contribution to detective work, though. He also pioneered the use of fingerprint analysis, serology and weapons analysis in criminal investigation. His knowledge of geology also contributed to his genius in creating his character and in revolutionizing the way in which the world investigated crime scenes. What was perhaps most remarkable was that Doyle did not accomplish these feats by lecturing the police departments or establishing a private detective firm that consistently put the police to shame. Instead, Doyle instructed the world as to how forensic science could be used as a means of correctly deducing the nature of the crime and identity of the criminal through his entertaining short stories and novels featuring the now famous fictional Sherlock Holmes. Understanding some of the personal history of the author and his interests helps to illuminate some of the methods employed by his character in stories. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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