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Reading Analysis of David Lees The Farm - Essay Example

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From the paper "Reading Analysis of David Lee’s The Farm" it is clear that the poet is an art scholar holding a PhD in literature (Lee 03). “The Farm” is one of the poems from his collection of art work contained in his 1999 document of selected poems entitled A Legacy of Shadows…
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Reading Analysis of David Lees The Farm
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"Reading Analysis of David Lees The Farm"

Download file to see previous pages The poem is established within a community comprising farmers. Members of the neighborhood include children population who are used to farm animals. The persona appears to be a man trying to inform another sibling, family member or his employer about the farm sale. Towards the end, the persona gains vehement disapproval of his actions from the listener on the phone who sounds disappointed. Based on the stern and unprecedented insults at the end of the poem, the listener insinuates that the persona made a lame choice and depicted irresponsibility by selling the land. Within the writing, the poet strives to develop the theme of failure and disappointment. In addition, he highlights the relationship between social disappointments and poor choices caused by irresponsibility in life. In line 5, the speaker knowingly deceives the listener about the reasons for selling the land by mentioning, “complaints of the smell”, which was not true. In this case, the poet portrays the persona as an irresponsible individual ready to disappoint others in order to execute his or her poor choices. In the process of developing the theme of irresponsibility and poor choices, the poet incorporates additional supporting phrases in the poem. At one point, the speaker cites lame excuses for selling the land, for instance, “because I was tired”, in line 13. In this context, the speaker made a serious life decision by following the dictates of his emotions and physical desires. An aspect of irresponsibility develops fully at the end of the second stanza when the speaker admits that he could not be responsible. Failure and disappointment manifest in form of insults and disapproval at the end of the poem. In line 26 of the poem, after the silence within the phone conversation, the listener says, “you poor stupid bastard.” The insult insinuates a substantial degree of disappointment and failure in the listener’s plans and wishes. This section portrays the existence of unprecedented challenges of failure and disappointments by friends and family within actual social settings (Forrest 34). The poet is an art scholar holding a PhD in literature (Lee 03). “The Farm” is one of the poems from his collection of artwork contained in his 1999 document of selected poems entitled A Legacy of Shadows. David was born and raised in the American state of Texas, within an agricultural background (Lee 05). At his youthful age, the poet literally worked as a pig farmer in his land. In his writing, the poet draws his inspiration from the natural aspects of the society, especially economic activities. He employs realistic and authentic aspects of life in portraying the American rural settings. The poet derives his inspiration from the immediate social and economic context prevailing during the historical setting of the poem (Forrest 21). Within the poem in question, the writer strives to develop the relevant themes by adopting appropriate settings and characters. As stated earlier, David once engaged in pig farming in his Texas farmers-rich neighborhood. A vivid description of a pig farming setting facilitates the development of character authenticity and themes within the piece of writing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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