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Most important event in the history of America - Essay Example

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One of the most important events in the history of America that took place in the very beginning of the 21st century was the World Trade Center attack of 11 September, 2001. On that day, the Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes and hit the towers killing many and injuring so may both physically and mentally. Millions of people watched the planes hitting the heights of American might and exploding into fragments. …
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Most important event in the history of America
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"Most important event in the history of America"

Download file to see previous pages The Social and Psychological Impact Being the most vulnerable section in the society, children deserve the first analysis. The work by Joy looked into the variation in fear levels in children after the September 11 attack in order to asses the way the attack impacted the children in the US. The study revealed that nearly half a year after the attack, about 25% of the children in New York had anxiety and emotional problems as a result of the terrorist attack. Quoting the Vogel and Vernberg theory, Joy opines that in the post attack period, the fear and trauma associated with the disaster is likely to increase in children (461-466). Similarly, Mario Caruso looked into how severe the impact of September 11 attack on the American adult psyche is. The study too finds that a considerable proportion of people in the U.S developed negative beliefs and fears and as a consequence, there is a rise in escapist drinking and depression. According to Mario Caruso, a considerable proportion of people believe that this kind of attacks is likely to happen again and that the government will not be able to help them. In order to understand how terribly the incident shook the mentality of people, one should look into the study by Schuster, Stein, Jaycox, and Collins who conducted a survey on the stress reactions after the September 11 attack. In the interview that was conducted among 560 US people, about 44% of the participants exhibited one or more important symptoms of stress while nearly 90% had considerable degree of stress, though not severe. In addition, it was found in the study that 98% of the people had to talk to others to reduce stress. 90% turned towards religion for solace, and 60% decided to participate in group activities to shed stress. Nearly 36% decided to make donations as a way to get rid of the fear (1507-1512). According to Schuster, Stein, Jaycox and Collins, it made 34% of the respondents to restrict their children from watching television. If one is aware of the various measures taken by authorities to reduce TV watching hours in children and the poor result of those efforts, one will find it easy to understand the huge impact of this attack that made nearly a third of the people ban television for their children. From the discussion one thing becomes evident. American people have lost their feeling of security despite the best efforts made by the government in its domestic and international policies. Increased Police Surveillance after 11 September Admittedly, the nation witnessed a new statute in the name of the Patriot Act and the amendment of various other statutes to be in harmony with the same. Some such statues that got attention are Electronic Communications Privacy Act and Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. The Patriot Act is intended to give the nation’s police more surveillance and search powers and the right to access private information. This Act made it possible for the police to enhance both domestic and international surveillance through various statutes like Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Immigration and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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