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Any historic event before 1877 - Research Proposal Example

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The Civil war lasted for the period between 1861 and 1865. After eleven states withdrew from the United States to form the Confederate States of America, also referred to as the “South”,…
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Any historic event before 1877
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Download file to see previous pages Everybody, at least lost a person during the war, either through death or through separation. For instance, Abraham Lincoln’s brother-in-laws served in the opposing side, the “South” (Butler, Grant & Randall 233). However, the South had more deaths as its war force was small. This put the “North” on an advantageous position and the triumphed over the “South” as slavery was abolished and the infrastructure of the “South” was destroyed (Fletcher 122). The end of the war marked a novel initiative of national unity restoration and guarantying the civil rights of the freed slaves. However, it is disgusting that the contemporary Americans have not embraced the beneficial values, which were the outcome of the war.
The social and economic disparities between the South and the North played a key role in stirring the war. The advent of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney, in 1793, made the production of cotton a very profitable business since the machine significantly reduced the time taken to separate the cotton form the seeds. As such, the South turned to the cotton plantation to take advantage of the benefits it brought, something that needed more cheap labor. To the end, the South adopted slavery as the main economic factor. In contravention, the North was industrialized and often bought the raw cotton and turned it into finished goods. Here, people of different classes and races works together as opposed to the south that had an antiquated social culture (Calore 10). These disparities gave rise to the Civil war as the North was for the idea that civil human rights should be spread to everybody and not the majority only, as the South practiced. Severally, the South tried to nullify the constitution but their efforts were futile and hence they opted for withdrawal, since they felt that they were not respected anymore (Mountjoy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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