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1. the cold war 2.the most important events in American history of the last 33 years - Essay Example

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The active nature of the USA meant that policies within the country had to be changed in order to remain relevant in the cold war era. The country…
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1. the cold war 2.the most important events in American history of the last 33 years
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"1. the cold war 2.the most important events in American history of the last 33 years"

Download file to see previous pages The first personality was the 35 president of the United State. President John F Kennedy was integral during the cold war. A year after his election, Kennedy took part in a failed attempt to repatriate the Bay of pigs. A year later, he was involved in diplomatic and ideological war against the Russian president. This was after the Russian planned in erecting nuclear weapons in Cuba. This culminated into the Cuban Missile crisis. His action highlighted the differences between the United States and the soviet onion. In an effort to ensure political superiority, countries engaged in political ideologies and propaganda to ensure their ideologies were influential worldwide. The president was actively involved in the German politics in an effort to influence the European nation to shun away from communism and embrace the American ideologies. In 1963, the president managed to foster a deal that saw the United States and the Soviet Union sign a treaty that gave direction on nuclear testing (Dallek, 2003).
The second personality was Allen Dulles. He was the orchestrated of most of American plan in controlling the spread of communism around the world. He played key roles in the Bay of Pig operation, which saw the trained CIA fail to capture the island. He also shaped the international relation in the United States by playing part in collecting intelligence and planning for operations aimed at spreading the American ideologies and preventing communism form spreading. He also led the 1954 Iran operation that was aimed at overthrowing the elected president (Grose, 1996). As a CIA boss, he managed to collect intelligence and planned offense and counter offenses against the communist nation. He controlled the nature in which America approached foreign policies. The Iran and Cuban operations was aimed at controlling the Soviet Union ideologies. Allen Dulles was actively involved in cold war (Grose, 1996).
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1. the Cold War 2.The Most Important Events in American History of the Essay.
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