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Economic Relations Between China and the U.S.: Is Conflict Avoidable - Research Paper Example

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When ideologies, perspectives, laws, and policies are completely antithetical of one another it can be difficult to balance how to stand by ones beliefs when those whom with you are doing business have, sometimes, contrary practices, attitudes, and principles. …
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Economic Relations Between China and the U.S.: Is Conflict Avoidable
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Economic Relations Between China and the U.S.: Is Conflict Avoidable

Download file to see previous pages... This is very much the issue that has and continues to brew between the United States and China. China is becoming a force to be reckoned with. America must determine what sort of relationship they will have with China. Will it be amiable and professional because of shared business interests? Will the rise of the Chinese government as a serious world power, be one that could threaten the United States? If that happens, how shall the United States respond? Most importantly, are the differences and potential threat too great that an actual legitimate conflict may be inevitable? No, it is not inevitable. If, both, countries work to see the value of mutual cooperation, equally choose diplomacy over warfare, and consider the potential, negative outcomes that a war will bring, then there is absolutely hope for an amiable relationship that need not end in conflict.
The relationship between the United States and China began in the 1700s. Initially this interest was purely economic; they were seeking alternative imports because at this time England refused to have any dealings with the Americans. Experts comment that the relationship between the United States and China today is similar to the nature of the relationships between powerful countries of the past. The two countries trade with each other, but they do not necessarily trust one another. They are neither a friend nor are they an enemy. The history of these two countries is long and complex (Cheng 2012 ). In 2010 China was confirmed to have a GDP second only to the United States (Econ Post 2011). There have been consistent amounts of grievances from the American perspective with China that regularly receives notice, from human rights issues to military spending and, potential, cyber attack. The latter, which has “…rapidly emerged as a top concern of the United States” (Lawrence 2013, 18). The issues that are rather pressing for the United States include China’s overall intention of their economic growth and power, what the United States should do concerning these changes, and, lastly, how the world may respond if the United States and China were to become outright enemies and may in fact commit to conflict. Issues What are China’s overall intentions of their new economic power? The growth witnessed so far has been accompanied by a stronger military force and advanced technologies (Legro 2007, 515). The military is being built up and prepared. Much of this was done covertly, which brings concerns of why there was such a need for secrecy. This only adds to growing distrust. The advancements in Chinese technologies have left many technical and computer experts seeing the potential of future cyber attacks from China (Wan 2013). Are their intentions ultimately negative or positive for America? Should we perceive these positive changes for China as an imminent threat to the United States? How should the United States handle these worries and concerns? The current relationship between the United States and China had for some time been interconnected. The U.S has played a huge role in the growth of the Chinese economy over the years, just as China has contributed to U.S. economy. When the relationship was entirely symbiotic, it was practical and beneficial to both countries, east and west, however, today, China is not as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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