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China-Japan Relations In East Asia: Great Power Rivalry Or Peaceful Interdependence - Essay Example

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The question of the study seeks to find a position on Sino-Japanese relations in East Asia as to whether the relation amounts to a great power rivalry or a peaceful interdependence. Sino-Japanese relations can be defined as a bilateral relationship between China and Japan…
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China-Japan Relations In East Asia: Great Power Rivalry Or Peaceful Interdependence
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Extract of sample "China-Japan Relations In East Asia: Great Power Rivalry Or Peaceful Interdependence"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that there is a great power rivalry between China and Japan in East Asia. This power rivalry has had a number of effects and impacts on the region, including the fact that it makes the two countries put their individual interests and quest for dominance ahead of the overall development of the region. The paper has helped in establishing that the current form of power rivalry dates back to the periods when the two countries were still under emperor rule. Again, the power rivalry between the two countries cuts across all levels of liberal international theory including power, economics and territorial powers and dominance. This position has been argued with specific reference to the legacies that the two countries, particularly Japan left behind with the World War II when it invaded Nanjing and totally massacred the city.
This paper makes a conclusion that territorial rivalry continues to exist between the two countries because the Senkaku Island dispute remains unresolved.
Even though the position taken has been backed by major theories, examples and cases in history, there are a few limits to the claims that have been made. A typical example of this is some ongoing Sino-Japanese relationships which have been put in place with the aim of fostering economic growth between the two countries. Again, the US has been a major third party for the promotion of bilateral peace and development between China and Japan and there are many who have a feeling that such attempts have yielded some positive results over the years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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