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U.S. History (1865 - 1945) - Essay Example

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The history of the U.S is outlined by a number of events. The period between 1861 to 1865 was characterised by the American Civil War that clearly had a huge impact on the country, not just during the four years of the war, but after the war period as well…
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U.S. History (1865 - 1945)
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"U.S. History (1865 - 1945)"

Download file to see previous pages The history of the U.S is outlined by a number of events. The period between 1861 to 1865 was characterised by the American Civil War that clearly had a huge impact on the country, not just during the four years of the war, but after the war period as well.This is evident in the aftermath , between the years 1865 to 1945, to be precise.One of the biggest events that occurred during this period and that had a huge impact on the economy of the nation, and subsequently the world, was the Second Industrial Revolution. The Second Industrial Revolution took place between 1870 and 1914. This was before the initiation of the First World War.The Industrial Revolution truly revolutionized work culture and the very formulation and assimilation of industries. It led to globalised effects and impacted the whole world in terms of conditions and mode of work. The enhancement and growth of communication channels, the spreading of production and consumption across the world and the changing lifestyles due to the influence and merging of cultures became the order of the day. "Despite America's natural wealth, the Industrial Revolution did not originate in the United States. The first technological breakthroughs occurred in Britain."[ 'The Industrial Revolution in America: A Primary Source History of America's Transformation Into an Industrial Society', Corona Brezina]

It is impossible to talk about the Second Industrial Revolution, without taking into account the First Industrial Revolution. The first industrial revolution was brought about when the entire mode of work was revolutionized, with workers shifting massively from the agricultural fields to hard-core machine-equipped industrial units. This led to the dwindling of the agriculture and farming sector and machinery came to occupy an important position in man's life.

The Second Industrial Revolution came about, when people started concentrating more on the services, rather than manufacturing per se. The invention of electricity, the growth of railways, and other such details. This period was marked by a change in the set-up of organisations and workplaces, that became quite different. This paradigm shift changed the equations once again and set the pace for a totally different kind of work system and environment. The rise of white-collar jobs and professionals and the catering to demand as per the demands of a country's economic disposition was seen.

In addition to this, there was a general form of unemployment, with urban industrial workers taking the main seat. The organisations came to be characterised by a strong working class. For instance, the growth of labour unions and the laying down fo strong principles on the conditions of work, the voicing of opinions and the unification of the working class was commonly seen.

Developments in the chemical, electrical and steel industries took place. Mass production was a main feature, leading to growing consumerism. Besides this, the advent of the era of cinema brought along entertainment and revolutionized employment. Increase in production led to greater importance being given to workers, who were by now, organized groups of people, with the desire to get their contribution acknowledged. Thus, evidently, the socio-economic effects were many. "New opportunities and evolving attitudes on the part of the growing manufacturing class, plus the excitement surrounding technological change and the resultant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“U.S. History (1865 - 1945) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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