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HRM- MANAGING DIVERSITY IN EMPLOYMENT Table of Contents Introduction 3 Organizational analysis with reference to Kirton and Greene typology 4 Deloitte as comprehensive proactive organization 5 Examples of diversity/equality policies 7 Overall summary 12 Reference 13 Bibliography 15 Introduction The project seeks to bring forth the problem of diversity in organizations with reference to the Kirton and Greene typology…
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Download file to see previous pages This has been done for the purpose of implementing an audit system for the organization. The different issues regarding the implementation of the system have also been presented. Finally the project concludes with the presentation of the contribution of every member of the project. Successful diversity management considers unleashing the diverse and rich potential of the organizations’ entire workforce. This is an issue which must be handled carefully by all businesses which have been looking for opportunities and diverse ways of working. The way this issue can be handled differs between organizations depending on their culture. The first step which arises in diversity management is defining the terms properly. This means each one must be aware of the meaning of diversity and its implications in the organization. Beyond gender and race it may also include considerations of ethnicity, age, religion, mental or physical capabilities, identity, language, family status, and working style. The first task includes identifying the diversity issues based on which a suitable solution would have to be designed. It is important that the organization has the right kind of resources which includes both human and fiscal resources. Dedicated individuals would be required to manage the flow of diversities in the firms and also the budget and the professionals that would help in identifying and measuring metrics of the numerous initiatives required to attract, retain and manage a diverse workforce. One the right talents are attracted it is crucial to enable them to become integral part of the organizational culture. The requirement of training is especially important in this part. The idea is to realize that diversity is not just a recruitment issue. It is a continuous process which has ambitious goals. It seeks to create an organizational culture in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and where people are treated as per their merits and where opportunities are available for all. Organizational analysis with reference to Kirton and Greene typology This part provides a brief analysis of Deloitte as an organization in reference with the Kirton and Greene typology. The organization is known for its tremendous efforts to manage diversity which also includes its recognition of the member firms’ diverse people, culture and organizational expertise. The company’s network comprises of member firms which has very strong regional cultures which remain interconnected and demonstrates the reflection of the world people live in (Deloitte, 2009). The company’s diversity management policies facilitates a culture which allows its people to work cross regions and borders on client engagements and also take up overseas assignments. The member firms of Deloitte are also offer their clients with cross cultural skills and expertise through training programs allowing them to provide seamless service Inclusion initiatives and diversity accounts for an integral part of the company’s business and talent management strategies. It seeks to build a culture which draws strengths from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences for harnessing the provision of the best of services to their clients and also providing a stimulating environment for its employees (Deloitte, 2009). As presented by Kirton and Greene, the dynamics of managing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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