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The current study analyses Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited, a group of multinational organizations that provide a variety of accounting services such as audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services to its clients all over the world. …
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Organizational Analysis: Deloitte & Touch Tohmatsu Limited
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Download file to see previous pages Deloitte operates in different countries and follows their respective legislation and professional regulations. This paper focuses on Deloitte’s HRM perspective in terms of policies and business ethics, employee training, development and progression, compensation, diversity management and other employee-welfare related activities. Deloitte’s human resource management is integrated with organization’s strategic management, as evident from a report published by its Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). This report highlights various challenges, process and performance measures. Price quotes a medial release published by Deloitte, which states, ‘they are leaders who not only manage the HR function and operations team, but also collaborate directly with the CEO and board of directors on a range of critical business issues’ (p.48). This indicates the significance of HRM at Deloitte. Deloitte considers HR as one of the core functions and includes this function at strategic management by considering HR officers as HR business partners that share critical responsibility of the organization in managing employees. Price elaborates on the HR function at Deloitte and the CHRO’s responsibilities into four main categories namely, workforce strategist, organizational and performance conductor, HR service delivery and compliance and governance regulations. These responsibilities also indicate the nature of HRM at Deloitte, which considers HRM as one of its core business strategies and includes HR officers in strategic planning levels. From HRM perspective, the strategic involvement would include managerial strategies in terms of performance management, HR practices and policies; these would also include designing employment and labor relations, adherence to state legislation as well as economic perspectives such as wages, compensation, working hours etc. Secondly, strategic integration of HRM with business and operations involves performance management, at large. This includes operations management across the world; managing virtual and real teams; planning contingencies and communication channels; job-sharing, job enrichment and other motivational practices; and finally, diversity management. Besides the normal HR administrative functions, HR officers liaise with business and operations’ executives for risk management, regulatory compliance management, maintaining ethics and integrity (Price, 49). Deloitte adopts diagnostic model to HRM, like the ADRM model, which refers to acquiring, rewarding, developing and maintaining and protecting human resources. Ivancevich highlights this approach adopted at Deloitte to retain its own female employees during 2005 (p.34). The ADRM approach involves diagnosis of the issue; prescribing the best solution and implementing the same; finally, evaluating its effectiveness and modifying if required. When Deloitte was challenged with huge women employee turnover during 1980s, Deloitte set a goal that it would include 25% of women in the promotions list and launched an aggressive campaign to encourage advancement of women employees. Managers and other leaders were trained on diversity management; Deloitte hired, promoted and retained more women through specific programs, which have later been replicated by many other organizations (p.35). Deloitte’s knowledge-based work requires highly experienced and competent staff that can sustain the organization’s position through competitive performance. This is a major challenge for the HR department. For this, Deloitte adopts many sophisticated measures for recruiting and selecting employees. The most recent strategy is the Deloitte Project-Based Recruitment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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