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The wood pile and Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening by Robert Frost - Essay Example

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This research is the best example of comparison of two poems: “The wood pile” and “Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening” that depict the iconic status of the poet and more over the persona of the poems. They show critical reception from the two poems comparisons and contrasts portrayed. …
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The wood pile and Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening by Robert Frost
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Extract of sample "The wood pile and Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening by Robert Frost"

Download file to see previous pages In “The wood pile” and “Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening” by Robert Frost, the author takes in the first interpretation that they are alone. Both of them are strayed from the social world and have the perception that they are lonely. In “The Wood Pile”, the introductory part of the poem portrays the speaker as a lonely walker in the surrounding of tall trees. The first part of “Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening” brings in the persona. He sees and tries to unriddle the real owner of the woods and more over, the owner of the woodpile and why the owner left it behind. Eventually, he discovers that maybe the owner has other responsibilities to attend to before coming back for his pile. The speakers of both poems have a sense of retaliation but are eventually lured into temptations of lying on the brighter side of things at their exposure. According to the first stanza of ‘The Wood-Pile”, the persona takes a walk in the frozen swamp but the extent at which snow holds him becomes too much to handle. He later decides to change his minds after his interaction with the bird that flies past him and the wood pile he comes across. Similarly, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening”, the speaker has a strong conviction of staying at the position he or she currently is. The serenity of the tall trees lures him, but realization occurs to him that he has an obligation in continuing the walk before dusk. It is also evident that both speakers have a sense of responsibility.

In “Stopping by woods in a snowy evening”, the speaker understand that he has to put in efforts to finish his woods tour before dark lurks. Aspects of the Speaker Recitation and literature analysis of “The Wood Pile” and “Stopping by woods on a Snowy evening” has enabled the audiences to comprehend something noteworthy about the personas in both poems. This is attributed from the motifs and themes that the poems try to communicate to their respective audiences. “The Wood-Pile” The persona values care and precision of another being’s efforts (Burns 67). The mannerism in which the speaker views the wood-pile portrays this aspect. He or she displays the lead to revelation, comprehension and the transformation of what the pile represents. The speaker’s decision from retaliating is an indication of the articulated vision that the pile portrays to the speaker. ‘Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” The most important aspect that the audience learns from this poem is that the persona values nature. The first lines of the poem’s stanza show nature’s exaltation of his natural surrounding. The speaker is enchanted by the dark, lovely and deep woods (line 13). It shows that the he or she values and appreciates preservation of the environment. The poem also displays that the persona in the poem is not a lay man, but a scholar. The persona does not take things in the metaphoric way (Little and Bloom 195). The speaker literary contemplates about the nature of his surroundings by deistic thinking. He or she studies the environment, its working and how it conduces to the progress of his or her life (Little and Bloom 219). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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