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This essay discusses celebrity advertising. Companies use the attractiveness of a celebrity to communicate about their product or services to their target consumers and stakeholders. The essay analyses the cost factor associated with these celebrities…
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Analysis of Celebrity Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages However, there is a huge cost factor associated with these celebrities. Forbes (2010) list includes top five celebrity endorsers from the categories of personalities, musician, directors, and athletes. On the basis of payment factors, Oprah Winfrey tops the list with the $315 million for every endorsement she has. This is followed by Hames Cameron with $210 million, U2 with $130 million, Tyler Perry with $120 million and Micheal Bay with $120 million. U2 are in the category of musicians whereas the remaining are directors or producers. Generally, these celebrity endorsers are different in their money, TV/Radio, Press, Web and social ranks (Forbes, 2010).
There have been various research from the past that covers different aspects of the celebrity endorsements from understanding model of celebrity endorsement (2004); personality fit of celebrity with brand/product endorsed (Dees, Bennett and Ferreira 2010); false endorsement (Cooper, 2010); role of gender in celebrity endorsement (Grow, 2008); role of celebrity advertising in corporate social responsibilities or social cause activities (Johnston, 2006); role of culture and influence of culture in the use of celebrity (Kalliny, Beydoun, Saran and Gentry, 2009; Louie and Yi, 2009) and many others.
Different scholars and researcher have explored underlying aspects of the celebrity advertisement which offers an opportunity to develop a discourse for the understanding effectiveness of celebrity advertising.
Role of celebrity advertising in an overall branding process seems to have appeal at various levels. This appeal is for creating awareness of the brand, enhancing its perceived quality, developing loyalty for the brand, increasing the association of the target audience with the brand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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