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Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History - Essay Example

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An essay "Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History" outlines that the Library Foundation i.e. the administrator name of the library store is aiming to raise funds for contributing within the society over the years. The services of the Library foundation have been active since 1872. …
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Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History
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Extract of sample "Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History"

Download file to see previous pages The services of the Library foundation have been active since 1872. The library is not active for respective purpose but also working in a join with other 72 libraries in Los Angeles. The Library Foundation is also involved in undertaking advocacy services as well. This shows that Library Store is involved in supporting masses within the community.
Unlike other fundraising events, this was less advertised among the mainstream celebrities. It is obvious from the charity events that it could not become successful in terms of raising funds for the cause until celebrity endorsement is undertaken. But Library Store’s Cancer Fund Raiser had common people as visitors more than celebrities. This charity event was created for the first time in the Library Store with its own affiliation of organizers. The goal of this charity was backed up by its vision of supporting other libraries in Los Angeles to maintain their services to the educational institutions for spreading literacy in Los Angeles. Considering this vision, the event was a success and organized relevant activities. The intriguing fact about the fundraising was the inclusion of different standing-comedians who participated to make the event a success. These standing-comedians had successfully taken place of celebrities coming to the event. According to the organizer of fundraising, the basic goal of the fundraiser was to assess the contribution of common people in Los Angles who are more than willing to contribute to the society. It will not be incorrect to state that this fundraising was far different than other charity events. It was because of low-light charity. The Library Store is an attraction for a majority of people living Los Angeles which automatically spread awareness regarding the fundraiser. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History Essay.
“Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History Essay”, n.d.
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