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Philanthropy in America - Essay Example

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This essay "Philanthropy in America" dwells on the future of philanthropy economics, ethics, and management. As the text has it, one of the rules that Karsh and Fox identify concerning grant proposal is to highlight the reason as to the areas in which the money under consideration will be used…
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Philanthropy in America
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Extract of sample "Philanthropy in America"

Karsh and Fox (2009) further denote that another important rule is to provide a justified and valid budget for the implementation of the program under consideration. Issuing out a realistic budget will help the organization to know how much money the grant seeker needs, and how the grant seeker will use this money for purposes of achieving the objectives of the organization under consideration. It is important to denote that the grant seeker is looking for money, and failure to provide his or her budget might making the reviewing panel to consider the grant seeker as a person who is not serious (Raymond, 2004).
The message sent is that the grant seeker is not aware of how much he or she needs, and thus, chances are high that his or her application will be rejected. Karsh and Fox (2009) further denote that a grant seeker must give out detailed information on why it is important to fund the program under consideration, and why he or she is the most capable person to get the funds and use it for solving the problem under consideration. Under this section, the grant seeker must try to convince the reviewing panel that he or she has the necessary skill and expertise to carry out the job under consideration (Raymond, 2004).
In using these three rules in writing a proposal, the first step will be to identify the mission and vision of my organization. After identification, the next step will be to look for an organization that specifically funds the activities that my organization will engage in. After the identification of the organization under consideration, there will be a need for carrying out research on how much this organization gives as grants (Zunz, 2012). This will help in developing a budget that does not surpass the amount of money that this organization normally gives out as grants. My budget must also be reasonable, factoring in all the necessary expenses and costs needed to achieve my organization's objectives and mission. Finally, I will have to present to the organization my certificates for purposes of proving that I’m skillful in the area under consideration. Read More
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(Philanthropy in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 510 words, n.d.)
Philanthropy in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 510 words. Retrieved from
(Philanthropy in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 510 Words)
Philanthropy in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 510 Words.
“Philanthropy in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 510 Words”, n.d.
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