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Examining E-businesses Failures to Ensure Success - Research Paper Example

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The аim of this reseаrch is to determine whether online businesses should undertаke own in-house mаrketing, or they should use professionаl mаrketing compаnies to аvoid business fаilure. This will be аchieved by looking e-mаrketing or mаrketing in an online environment…
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Examining E-businesses Failures to Ensure Success
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Extract of sample "Examining E-businesses Failures to Ensure Success"

Download file to see previous pages The established business houses were wary at first, but looking at the enthusiasm and the early success of several start-up companies caught on to the idea and formal marketing through the web began in the late nineties. However, it was still a technological enterprise at that time and it was mainly the famous and the failed dot-com companies that gave the world their first chance to actually shop on the web.
This web experience was both exhilarating as well as frustrating. The excitement of shopping without having to make a physical effort, the ease with which unlimited variety of goods and services could be seen and savored, the speed at which transactions could be made, the effortlessness of locating items of interest and the ultimate convenience of the time were all too enthralling for the customer to resist. The frustrations were the difficulty in locating specific items and the theft of identities and personal data that sometimes resulted in frauds and loses.
While the web and internet shopping has come to stay, there was a big hiccup in the year 2000 known as the dot-com bust that almost wiped out the industry. The saving grace was again the confidence of the consumer and the faith-building efforts of the surviving sites that undertook to improve their image through efforts at streamlining the business models on practical and sound business principles. The result was that the business known as e-Commerce not only survived but has thrived and is the fastest growing segment in the market today. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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