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Reasons of Failure of The Fire Control Project - Assignment Example

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An author of the current assignment "Reasons of Failure of The Fire Control Project" will examine the reasons that led the Fire Control Project to abandonment. Therefore, the writer analyzes the project definition, environment, planning, and control. …
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Reasons of Failure of The Fire Control Project
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Extract of sample "Reasons of Failure of The Fire Control Project"

Download file to see previous pages There are many reasons that IT projects fail which include: lack of goals, changing the main goals in the middle of the project, no support, unprofessional time estimates, lack of professional knowledge, and lack of teamwork. The new control centers were supposed to be made to improve on all of the communication between the offices, as well as allowing all of them to have access to the same information to better manage all of their required duties. The department was paying for all of the costs of the new system until it was completely installed which also meant the expenses for all of the temporary equipment to ensure correct procedure.
The Fire Control Project was first started in 2004 with the aim of replacing the 46 control centers with nine regional offices. The new control centers were supposed to be made to improve on all of the communication between the offices, as well as allowing all of them to have access to the same information to better manage all of their required duties. The department was paying for all of the costs of the new system until it was completely installed which also meant the expenses for all of the temporary equipment to ensure correct procedure.
The regional offices were to have a national computer system that would be built by Eastern Air and Defense Systems (EADS). However, the project was completely abandoned by December 2010, because it could not be finished within a reasonable timeframe and costs continued to rise. The original estimate to complete the project was 120 million dollars and was only supposed to take five years to complete. However, by March 2009 the project had already cost 250 million and then had a new estimate of 635 million to complete.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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