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Politics of Development - Research Paper Example

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This research explores politics of development with special attention to economic development programs in the United States. From the American history, it is evident that a good economic development plan needs the attention of both legal systems and political systems…
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Politics of Development
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that improvement comes in terms of services offered, facilities available in a country for public use and the kind or level of production in the industries of that country. Development of this kind could be termed as economic improvement or growth. Development, especially economic development associates itself with the kind of life people of a particular nation or state lead long and healthy lives. This is where access to the necessary resources that guarantee a civilized standard of living is possible and practical. On the other hand, development revolves around the empowerment where people of a particular nation control their live through finding solutions to their demands and problems. This reflects on the availability of necessities to the nationals of a given nation. In other terms, development is the upward movement of social systems, which include economic and non-economic factors. Development works in a way that creates social, economic and political frameworks that are able to stimulate growth in the said area of development. Development fosters easy access to resources, through transformation, or modification of the available facilities to suit the needs of individuals or the nation as a whole. Development of any kind has its own failures and successes associated with it. The various examples of political; development range from good governance that results to better lives through laid down frameworks that ensure provision of the basic necessities in a better and appropriate way. However, the success of economic development is when there is growth in economic sectors where more businesses flourish and production processes yield products with good quality and can be availed to the market at moderate or fare prices. On the other hand, the failures of economic development may result to high rates of inflation, unemployment and high living standards that a country may experience. Economic development has a direct impact on the lives of people in a country and it affects almost all activities carried out in a country. This is because, the areas of there economy like the lending of money form banks would highly be affected by economic growth, where more people may be encouraged to borrow money or production processes may seem favored by the availability of raw materials at low prices. Improved living standards would be indicators of economic growth. Thus, economic development is more fundamental and appropriate bin understanding what it means by development as the whole world focuses on economic development in various ways. Many countries engage in economic development strategies to improve living standards of people within the countries. Every country has its own history on how it deals with economic matters (Shane 2005). Economic Development in America America was discovered in the year fourteen ninety-two by Christoph Kolumbus, where the first settlers came from Europe and precisely England. After the arrival of the English people, they began to build colonies that resulted into new cities. In early sixteen nineteen tobacco industry establishment meant that labor force was required and as a result, slaves from Netherlands had to work on the new established tobacco industry plantation and factory. The Americans started fighting and becoming rebellious to the British minority after the Britons formulated unfavorable economic regulations. In the late seventeen seventies, the Americans overpowered the British forces and as a result, the then British King honored a peace agreement signing that granted the Americans independence and George Washington became the first president. Due to his interest in economic affairs, slavery influenced the history of America during his time. Slavery ended with the civil war after Abraham Lincoln who was against became the next American president by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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