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Salvador Dalis Critical Paranoia - Essay Example

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His fame was built upon his willingness to reveal the unusual way in which he saw life. “Dali's importance for Surrealism was that he invented his own 'psycho technique', a method he called 'critical paranoia'. …
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Salvador Dalis Critical Paranoia
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Download file to see previous pages Dali’s images - his bent watches, his figures, half-human, half chest of drawers – have made him the most famous of all Surrealist painters”. Like many Surrealists, Dali often painted the images he saw in dreams or in nightmHe deliberately cultivated delusions similar to those of paranoiacs in the cause of wresting hallucinatory images from his conscious mind. Like many Surrealists, Dali often painted the images he saw in dreams or in nightmares, but determining which was dream and which was simply his way of pushing social conventions remains difficult to determine. “Surrealism attempts to further our understanding of the human condition by seeking ways of fusing together our perceived conscious reality with our unconscious dream state” and Dali was a master. His philosophy of art involved embracing the inner animal and exposing the hidden insanity that lurks at the core of every human.
Through Dali’s use of line, color, space, shape and other elements, Dali continuously presents unified dreamscape images that successfully combine concepts of the mind while presenting several sides of change from an emotional perspective. His final works often force viewers to consider them from both a distracted metaphysical perspective as in the dream-state as well as from the conscious state in which knowledge can be known and thus related to the overall presentation. His brilliant means of maintaining balance and harmony by repeating patterns through various elements serve to keep his paintings in a constant state of precarious stability that remains perfectly in tune with the message he is trying to convey. He ends up evoking a feeling much like one might feel if they were the spinning coin, standing on its edge and just waiting to find out which way it was going to drop. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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