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The researcher of this essay "PACT organization" aims to analyze PACT which has been specializing in upholding justice within communities. The target population is people in a community because most of them feel insecure in their neighborhoods owing to criminal activities that take place herein…
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PACT organization
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Welcome Since 1971, PACT has been specializing in upholding justice within communities. Our target population is people in a community because most of them feel insecure in their neighbourhoods owing to criminal activities that take place herein. PACT offer services to help not only the victimizers but also victims. This we do in the most efficient way by using cost-effective resources. Other services include, providing solutions for creating safer communities. PACT operates with partners in an open and collaborative manner. We encourage a come one come all policy challenging individuals to join us. Click here to explore donor and volunteer opportunities.
Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the change process by challenging organizational systems and changing people’s lives.
Our Vision
Our vision is to strongly advocate for changes in individual lives and organizational systems thus promoting safer communities.
Our Board
Our board consists of directors who in conjunction with our executive director, is responsible for establishing strategies to better help change our communities one at a time.
Join Our Mission
Since our inception in 1971, PACT has grown rapidly and now has several branches within the country. These include:
Porter County
Hoosier Hills
Recovery Connection
Bradley Centre(LaPorte County)
We encourage people to join either as volunteers, employees, interns and even community partners. Applications for those interested in employment and internship are available as fillable Word document or a printable PDF.
1. The content on the website was very shallow making it hard to edit in the first place, for example is PACT an organization or an agency?
2. Formatting options not provided.
3. Instructions not very clear.
4. A bit taxing.
Work Cited
Franklin, John K. The Hollow Pact: Pacific Security and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. , 2006. Print. Read More
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