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Presentation diagnostic - Essay Example

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Presentation diagnostics Name Instructor Institution Date 2.2 Effectiveness of performance in terms of information, benefits, and objections In my presentation, there was an effective supply of necessary information needed by the audience in acceptance of the product…
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Presentation diagnostic
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Download file to see previous pages In this presentation, there was no room for the audience to have doubts regarding essentiality of the product. In terms of benefits, there existed a strategic explanation of the product’s advantages o to the purchasing managers. There was a demonstration of various benefits, which departments would accrue by taking the product as one of their lines of operation. I also demonstrated cost benefits to the managers in relation to the prices that they will charge to their respective final consumers. There was also a demonstration regarding the maintenance simplicity of the product, which will be a benefit to the firm. In practice, an organization results to adopting products that will provide maximum benefits in terms of costs. My benefits captured all the necessary cost issues that would allure purchasing managers to adopt the product. There was also efficient way of dealing with the objections of the clients in different ways with the intention of the distributing department maintain the firm’s reputation. This is via availing probable visual presentation of some of their questions and trying to offer answers though the audience had the chance to inquire for more expounding. This is especially applications of the specific product in real life situation whereby the audience intended to know. The use quotes of some of the management practitioners also provided a ground to win the attention of the purchasing managers. Additionally, efficient application of research work to challenge any objection of the audience also made a fundamental part towards my success though not much compared to what I had expected. The other way that was applicable in my presentation encompassed adopting a convincing tone with the intention of convincing the audience to accept my point of argument. 2.3 Past experience in presentation in relation to performance and communication orientation I have had the experience of presenting in one of the famous contests. This was my first experience where I presented about Beatles and rolling stones, which took a long period while trying to prepare myself appropriately. Before the real presentation, I experienced bouts of fear and nervousness due to the fact public presentation has not been my favorite until I tried it with Beatles and rolling stones. This enabled me to gain essential skills in presenting, which encompassed knowledge on how to win audience’s trust while on the stage. The real task while on stage taught me varied aspects on how to handle each presentation so that in future they will turn out to be successful. This is especially through comments, which I received in the first presentation that helped me in evaluating my weaknesses while addressing the audience. One of the evaluators who attended the presentation commented on my dressing in the earlier presentation. 2.4 Motley’s presentation strategies Motley who is communication practitioner identified some elements that might not be necessary when performing visual presentation. Among these factors encompassed memorization of a representation known as an inevitable aspect for any presenter in shunning common mistakes when selling his or her idea to respective audience. Motley cited the mastery of content is necessary but memorization will be like proving of facts in communication. Therefore, presentation ought to flow naturally in order to heighten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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