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Django unchained : Media representation - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Name: Django unchained is based in 1858 America Texas to be precise. A former German dentist turned bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz meets Django a black slave being transported by the Speck brothers. He is looking for fugitives called the Brittle brothers and luckily Django knows them…
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Django unchained : Media representation
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Django unchained : Media representation

Download file to see previous pages... Django accepts this offer and he receives training from the Dr who hopes to make him his deputy. The two manage to locate the two brothers and even succeed in killing them. Dr Schultz keeps his word and pays Django who tells him that he would use the money to buy his wife’s (Broomhilda) freedom. She is also a black German speaking slave. It is then that Dr Schultz comes up with another preposition. He proposes that the work together for the winter and he would not only give Django a third of the bounty but also help him rescue his wife. This causes Django to accept and the two become good friends. They work together for the winter and then head for Gatlinburgh where they learn than Broomhilda is under a ruthless slave owner Candie Von shaft living on a farm known as Candyland in Mississippi. The two friends plot on how they will rescue Broomhilda which is not so easy since Candie’s minion Stephen cannot be fooled so easily. The clip starts with us being introduced to Django the slave chained to other slaves as they are being marched to their new estate by the Speck brothers. As night falls we see a cart belonging to one Dr Schultz pulling up upon which he calls out to the speck brothers and introduces himself. He is clearly more intelligent than the cruel brothers. He tells the brothers the purpose for his journey which is to locate the Brittle brothers and that he is looking for a someone who can help identify them which turns out to be Django. His educated and polite manner angers the brothers. Ace speck threatens to shoot Schultz but he shoots. Dr Schultz lowers his lantern shoots Ace and then Dicky’s horse which then falls on Dicky’s leg trapping him. Due to his pain and fear Dicky agrees to sell him and he signs him over to Dr Schultz while still trapped under the horse. As Django and the Schultz prepare to ride off, Dr Schultz frees the remaining slaves and tells them that they may either choose to carry Dicky to help or they can shoot him and flee. As they leave one can hear Dicky as he begs for his life followed by the shot of the gun and blood spatters on to the screen as he is shot in the head. The entire movie is about slavery and the suffering that the slaves went through. We see the white as cruel and heartless subjecting the slaves to cruel and in inhumane treatment. This has always been portrayed as the case. The black slaves were always meek and submissive but they all shared a dream to one day be free which rarely ends up being the case. Slaves that showed even the slightest interest of escaping were put through untold suffering and sometimes even death. In this movie we see slaves who try to escape being left at the mercies of rabid dogs. Broomhilda is put naked I a whole in the ground in the scorching heat yet she remains strong willed. This is another character of the blacks that often comes out in many movies about slavery. Both django and his wife are whipped till their bodies are full of scars but their spirit is not broken. As further torment they are sold apart but still Django remains focused on getting his wife back. The black slaves maintain a deep hatred for their masters and this is easily seen as Django whips one of the Brittle brothers as revenge and when he kills him he says, “I like how you die boy” and also in how easily the remaining slaves kill Dicky. In sharp contrast are the white slave owners who enjoy the work of their slaves. The do not feel even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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