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Men representation in mass media - Essay Example

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The media tends to portray the stereotype of men who are perfect not only in physical aspect but also in their values. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on people because they develop the notion that men are…
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Men representation in mass media
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Download file to see previous pages They are characterized as competitive, aiming to be on top and never opting to be second-best. They are courageous in their endeavors, enduring difficulties because they possess a much higher threshold as contrasted to their female counterparts. Further, the media depict men as aggressive who stop at nothing in order to eliminate emotional or physical challenge even if it calls putting their safety and reputation at stake. In addition, men are portrayed as ambitious and lead individuals ready go furthest in life to be higher achievers (Luther, Catherine, Carolyn and Naeemah 67). Men are further characterized as individuals who do not convey their emotions especially in the presence of other people. Therefore, across the 20th century and to a great portion the present world, media representations of gender reflected and caused the hegemonic reality of patriarchy. Media stereotyping about men is an upsetting phenomenon as it increases negative assumptions about males who face difficulties in meeting the standards set by the media.
Films, magazines and other media often set a standard about how men should look, act and even think not only to satisfy themselves but also to please other people. The act of stereotyping men is a worsening situation as it demands great expectation from males in general. This puts a lot of pressure on them as they try to achieve the male stereotype portrayed by the media. For instance, a man who is sickly and unable to be physically active so as to develop a muscular body can have a negative image of himself which makes him unable to socialize well. In addition, it may lead to a perpetuation of such images amongst the young children who grow imitating such unbecoming representation (Dines, Gail, and Jean 43). The worst thing is when men are unable to live up to such standards; they can be depressed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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