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Think about the five key media studies concepts and choose one of them. Outline the main characteristics of, and theories and de - Essay Example

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Mass Media Audience Name Institution Mass Media Audience Introduction Mass media audience is the people listening, reading or viewing a broadcast presentation on radio, television, magazines, newspaper, and/or web site. The audience is the target for any form of media presentation (Ellen, 2009)…
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Think about the five key media studies concepts and choose one of them. Outline the main characteristics of, and theories and de
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Extract of sample "Think about the five key media studies concepts and choose one of them. Outline the main characteristics of, and theories and de"

Download file to see previous pages Media presentations seek to alter or reinforce the opinion of the audience on specific topics (Abercrombie, 2006). The creator of a presentation first establishes the audiences she wishes to communicate to and then determines the best way to present the message. Upon establishing his target audience, the creator considers the best type of media presentation to relay his sentiments. The audience provides guidelines for establishing the genre of presentation and approaches to be used when narrating the intended message. Mass media does not rely only on initial presentation when conveying a particular message. It relies on representation as well. Primary bearers of the message relay the message to other people who did not witness the initial presentation. It is paramount to affirm that the audience is a factor that motivates mass media presentation. Audience Media would not exist in the absence of an audience (Cruz & Lewi, 2004). Media groups are formulated with a basic goal of making profit. Therefore, various media entities employ various measures to attract audience and make their audience base bigger. The creator or producer of a mass media message uses existing media channels to convey their message to the intended listener or observer. They are likely to pick a media team that has a big audience base. According to Hart (2006), technology improves ease of reaching audiences. In addition, technology has led to an increase in media houses that result in fragmentation of audience. Early media houses enjoyed the privilege of large audiences. The current technology age, competition and advancement of mass media industry has reduced the large audiences to smaller groups because of time factor. The audience can only engage in one specific activity at a time. However, representation relays information and generates fame for a particular media house resulting in enlargement of the house’s audience network. The audience is divisible into several entities including adults, children, communities and vulnerable groups. Individual persons make up an audience but exist as several independent entries (O'Sullivan, Dutton, & Rayner, 2004). This implies that each individual in the audience perceives the message, internalizes and interprets it differently. Representation of the initial message may not achieve the intended purpose or undergo distortions that misrepresent the initial message. Similarly, a text that does not impress primary listeners may fade from their thoughts making representation minimal. The creator must ensure he generates interest and excitement among his primary listeners. There are two types of mass media audience, niche and general (Nightingale, 2008). The general audience includes all or several categories of community classes that relay messages on large scale. A niche audience is a small group that is capable of influencing major changes in the community. The audience is further divided along social status and economic lines (Nightingale, 2008). Two theories try to define media with regard to audience. They are hypodermic syringe theory and culmination theory. Hypodermic syringe theory dictates that mass media acts as a syringe that injects attitudes, beliefs and ideas into unsuspecting public (Hanes, 2000). The public that serves as the audience is deemed powerless and vulnerable to messages and images broadcasted by media. The impact may be positive or negative. For instance, watching many violent movies may turn a person into a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Think about the Five Key Media Studies Concepts and Choose One of Essay.
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