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This report analyzes and discusses the history of television and film in USA and its impacts on the society. The report discusses the modernization over the years, which has been observed in the era of 1970s within the framework of the US television and film industry, and how it was reflected in the society. …
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Film, Television and Society
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Download file to see previous pages Such as in 1973, new shows that were introduced increased the number to 28 but most of the new shows were cancelled. Similar evidences were reported in 1975 to 1977 but majority of the efforts failed. This constant failure reflected boredom of viewer for the various programs that were significantly similar and other emergent trends in the society (Dunnett, 126-127). The era of 1970 in US television is also regarded "The Decade of Norman Lear." This show characterized the Lear and Bud in situation comedy of an American society with an opportunity to see the various dimensions that were earlier considered as restricted domain by other channels. The shows casted different aspects of women rights identifying pressing women for identifying her true strength. For example, One Day At A Time presented the success of single mom in gaining success in the their lives. The show presented single mom as Heroes. All In The Family was another show despite being the controversial gained much popularity. The show depicted the ways with which American family deals with issues. Various taboos in the American families were pushed aside in this program that created complexities. The news on television was given more acceptance than newspaper. The era viewed the increased influence on the television by the government. For example, the government banned the cigarettes advertisement on television and caused broadcasters loosing revenue of around US $ 200. In addition to this, the influence of US government was also witnessed in the government attempting to gain the support for the defence policies. The television in the era of 1970s also gained some greater exposures to country political conditions and other related matters. For...
This paper approves that another factor that was raised from the freedom was loss of grounds that binds the society. The religious, social and even governmental grounds of society were increasingly losing its strength. The society was more inclined to free love, trends of rock and roll, changing genders etc has immense impact. In addition to this, the rising freedom orientation and frustration led to usage of drugs in society. People increasingly relied on drugs such as cocaine to continuously keep the energy level high and nitrate to arouse sexual abilities. The disco parties for all night had to offer these artificial energizers to keep people going on. The other negative impact from these factors resulted in promiscuity within constantly rising heterosexuals and homosexuals set in society.
This report makes a conclusion that the above document attempted to comprehend the conditions of society transition from one state to other as result of the infusions from media of communication. TV and film selected as the medium for transmitting these changes. With central focus on the programs aired on TV and content that formed the subjects of film the document entails the varying factors reflected. Though there has been constant debate on the fact of the TV and film picks up subjects from surrounding and so happened in the 1970s era but at the same time the fact remains that such content further had devastating impact on the society. The worsened impact as concluded is the societal condition where government loses all morals and reflections are observed in the society’s conduct. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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