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The Impacts of Digital Technologies on the Political Economy of the United States Movie Industry - Essay Example

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The industry not only attracts praises from the entire world, but also inspires a number of upcoming film makers. However, many independent filmmakers’ works do not reach the intended global…
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The Impacts of Digital Technologies on the Political Economy of the United States Movie Industry
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Extract of sample "The Impacts of Digital Technologies on the Political Economy of the United States Movie Industry"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, new movies by established film producers draw attention even before they are officially released to the market. As a result, the independent film makers have resorted to digital technologies and social networking sites to promote and distribute their movies. Owing to the current situation, this research paper investigates the benefits and challenges which are experienced by independent film producers whenever they are using the latest digital technologies to promote and distribute their films to their fans. The paper would emphasize the impacts of digital revolution on the independent filmmakers’ ability to reach international consumers.
The role of technology in the film industry cannot be ignored. Technology changed the operations and activities of the film industry in a major way, altering the way people interacted, the nature of the operations, and the marketing strategies for the films. However, the specific area of film affected has always been debatable with researchers focusing on the social aspects of the technological effects. Focus on the political aspect of the film industry environment is important as it helps create even more insights for the people.
Kim et al 194 states that the digital technologies in the United States of America have enhanced communication and modernization in most of the sectors. In the film industry, the digital technology has yielded both positive and negative results in equal measure. Digital technologies have reduced the live shows for the films. Most of the films are bought on digital media instead of people attending the live shows (Kim et al 194).
According to Kim et al 194, the purchase of the films on digital media is enhanced by a number of factors. First, the ability to produce digital storages like hard drives has enhanced the portability of the films making people to buy and use them in home appliances. More so, the development of digital transmission in the United States of America has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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