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Oral Presentation - Essay Example

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Oral presentation has become an effective way to analyze the capability of a person. This trend has started over a decade or so where more emphasis is being paid on communication of one's ability through oral arrangement. One has to communicate their ideas effectively through speaking rather than writing it down…
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Oral Presentation
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Extract of sample "Oral Presentation"

Download file to see previous pages Employers and other important officials are now giving priority to oral presentations and communication while recruiting fresh graduates. Although, a certain weight age is given to the written examination as well, more is judged from the person's speaking skills and the way of presenting him/herself. This has happened due to the growing number of researches that have told the gentlemen the successful formula of a successful individual. The biggest example of the employer's importance to verbal communication is the interview that is conducted twice of thrice along with the group discussion sessions that take place in many organizations in order to gauge the capabilities of these individuals while communicating with others. Therefore, as students, it becomes really important to get ready for these assessments of the future endeavors.
In this enigmatic and ever-changing world, the qualities that one looks for in a person change rapidly. Over the past years, fluent communication has become more important, the pace has increased and so has the communication style. In the olden times, while the bureaucratic organizations still flourished, most of the communication was barred with formal written communication styles with much less importance given to individuality and self-expression. As times are changing, organizations are becoming more creative, so are the communication styles changing. Communication has become more creative and individualistic. In today's era, one of the most important qualities that is sought from the individuals is the ability to express oneself in their own special way. Is a person is not able to express themselves and their ideas to the concerned personnel; they lose their chance of success.
The employers are giving more attention to a person's speaking abilities because it has been noticed that during a normal week of work, an employee would write less and speak more, present his or her ideas to the management, make contracts with other companies, conducting employee evaluations sessions and other sessions pertaining to office work; in short, a lot of talking. They also have to become part of formal and informal groups inside and outside the organizations where they have to prove their credibility in front of an audience without a pen or paper; a lot of communication with the help of speaking. Therefore, it is important that a person develops these habits at the right stage in time in order to excel in the later stages of life. It is also becoming more evident that as one moves up the organization, their speaking skills are given higher priority than their written skills. The reason for this is quite easy; as you move up the organization you assume the role of handling a larger number of employees under you. As the number of employees increase, more communication takes place verbally and one assumes the role of a leader of a large group of people. In such a situation, speaking rather than writing is more important as it communicates to the heart with the right kind of emotion which cannot be portrayed in the right sense through a piece of writing only (Leo, 2001).
This brings us to the importance of fostering the culture of oral presentation to the university level ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Oral Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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