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Justification for Recommendation - Assignment Example

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Various educational measuring instruments could be used to determine the abilities of students as well as their proficiency in academics. This…
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Justification for Recommendation
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"Justification for Recommendation"

Download file to see previous pages A learning scenario is a prioritized description of a situation in learning, which is independent of any underlying pedagogical approach. The scenario describes an organization with the aim of ensuring the appropriation of précised set of skills, competence, and knowledge. The learning scenario in this case is a practical learning scenario. A practical learning scenario consists of descriptions followed by respective questions although the scenario could develop in stages with each stage having at least one question (Shepherd, 2011). Information may be presented with the use of various media elements such as texts but the described situation has to be relevant and realistic. In theory, various formats of questions could be employed in order to challenge learners about the situation being learned including the simple multi-choice questions. Any of the various theory formats are meant to determine the abilities of students in their capacity to answer various forms of questions (Lejeune A., 2004).
In this learning scenario, the learning objectives involve the determination of the ability of students to answer various forms of questions. The objective includes expectations that lie within the outcome of the education program. The paper will establish the capacities that students have in handling questions in different forms as part of their assessment program within a practical learning scenario (Shepherd, 2011 ).
The American Psychological Association (2013) provides information on a code prepared by a joint committee for testing practices as a way of ensuring that there is enough observation of fairness among test takers in education. Code of Fair Testing Practices provides guidance in the development and selection of tests. It also provides guidance in the administration and score determination in tests and goes to an extent of ensuring good reporting and interpretation of test results in order to keep the test takers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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