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Countering Terrorism - Essay Example

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Counter Terrorism Name Institution Abstract This paper discusses terrorism as one of the most challenging issues in terms of security globally. In essence, it articulates on the ways in which terrorism could be combated without necessarily having to involve the military…
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Countering Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Countering Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages Different quotas have used different methods trying to stop terrorism all over the world. In essence, the counter terrorism procedure incorporates both the exposure of potential acts and the reaction to related events (Maras, 2012). Counter terrorism is known to include standard police and domestic intelligence. It has both traditional and modern technology. In terms of traditional methods, there is interception of communication and tracing of persons. On the other hand, the new technology entails the range of military and law enforcement operations (Crenshaw, 2010). It is a common occurrence that terrorism has continued to cause pain and suffering on the lives of people all over the world. In fact, every single day does not go down without the act of terrorism being detected in a particular part of the world, as having affected innocent people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, this is one of the many unfortunate cases that has raised interest in one of the most renowned international defenders of Human Rights organizations, the United Nations, an agenda that is been discussed currently. According to Hughes, et al 2011, the impact of terrorism on human beings has devastating consequences especially on the right to life, liberty and physical integrity of the victims. Additionally, terrorism destabilizes most governments, undermine the freedom of civil society, tampers with peace and security in the conflict zones, as well as, those surrounding them, and further threatens the social and economic development of nations a factor that is tagged on the impact of enjoying human rights. Governments obligation such as security and protection of individuals, which is a basic human right is not respected as expected (Crenshaw, 2010). In the past years, numerous methods have been used by governments and states towards the curbing of terrorism. However, a high percentage of these measures and methods have continually posed challenges to human rights and the rule of law. In fact, some of these states have engaged in human torture and other ill treatments to counter terrorism disregarding the legal and watchdogs that have been put in place to prevent torture. Maras, 2012 argues that, other states and governments have deported suspected persons of engaging in terrorism to their mother countries where they are subjected to excessive torture, over and above, human rights abuse that is directly associated to violation of international legal obligations. Needless to mention, independence of the judiciary had been ignored and undermined by a substantial number of states and governments while the use of special courts to handle suspected persons of terrorism have seriously impacted the normal running of the general court processing. Some of the developing states and government have used resources that are allocated for social programmes and economic development for the security purposes, a situation that has affected the economic, social and cultural rights to many. Principally, combating terrorism has been hugely associated with the use of military, human torture, and the abuse of human rights. Apparently, it is essential that states and government should begin using other methods other than military engagement to stop terrorism all over the world. Crenshaw 2010 asserts that some of these methods include; counter terrorism strategy for ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The basic and the debatable question here is whether terrorism really works in the present scenario in changing the Governments and their opinions? There appears to be a number of instances across the globe wherein it has been felt that terrorists, except killing innocents and making media headings and stories, have generally failed in their deadly mission in toppling the dem...
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In defending the lives and properties of the people, the Government is faced with serious problems as security and liberty are sometimes in conflict, or there seems to be an exchange of liberty and security in the pursuit of the war on terror. This exchange has been seen by many countries as needed and must be done in order to save lives and institute the rule of law.

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Meeting the Challenges of Global Terrorism

According to a write-up by the state department of the USA, there is no single definition for terrorism that has been accepted or which explains what exactly terrorism is (Wardlaw, 1990, p.6). The research on a precise universal definition has posed challenges to both practitioners and researchers. Although many attempts have been done to define this global problem, no consensuses have been reached. The fact that the name terrorism is being used to any violent act makes it very challenging to offer a clear definition that will separate normal violent acts from terrorism. The term terrorism is a fad word that nobody can put limits on.

Some researchers believe that terrorism is the deliberate creation of fear and exploita...
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