UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, Protect: to strengthen our protection against terrorist attack - Essay Example

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UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, Protect: To Strengthen Our Protection against Terrorist Attack Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Definitions and Key Concepts Relating To Counter Terrorism 3 Review and Insight into the Effectiveness of Counter Terrorism Strategies 5 Protect Strand of CONTEST Strategy in Counter Terrorism and Its Applications 7 Analysis of Data Related to Counter Terrorism Strategy 10 Areas of Problem and Overcoming Strategies 14 References 21 Bibliography 27 Definitions and Key Concepts Relating To Counter Terrorism Terrorism is an inevitable fact of recent era which has engulfed the entire world within its cruel jaws…
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UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, Protect: to strengthen our protection against terrorist attack
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Extract of sample "UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, Protect: to strengthen our protection against terrorist attack"

Download file to see previous pages Counter-terrorism is described as the offensive policies intended to prevent, discourage, preempt and react towards the terrorists’ attacks (Independent Police Complaints Commission, 2005). In addition, counter-terrorism is also portrayed as the set of tactics employed for refusing an opponent from utilisation of terrorist-based techniques such as counter-air in diminishing terrorist attacks. It is one of the most commonly utilised methods or techniques of recent times in the United Kingdom to prevent and to impede the aggressive activities of individuals to accomplish political or personal objectives. It is mainly utilised by any government or military group in order to protect the citizens of an economy from terrorist attacks by employing techniques such as viewing the travellers of air flights with the help of video cameras, metal detectors and random patrolling among others (Mesquita, n.d.). Counter-terrorism is a part of ‘counter-insurgency’ doctrines. It includes varied types of political or military activities or approaches intended to oppose insurgency or violent actions in the communities of the UK (Boucek, 2008). It is mainly done to safeguard the citizens from diverse types of revolts through divide and rule tactic or armed suppression. Moreover, the counter-terrorism groups also utilise varied types of tactics and strategies in order to maintain security within the society of the UK such as oil spot, cordon and search, air-operations, Disengagement, De-radicalization and Rehabilitation (DDR) strategy and Prevention, Rehabilitation and Aftercare (PRAC) strategy among others (Benjamin, 2008). Oil Spot is a type of approach or tactic implemented by the counter-insurgent forces to move towards a secure area in order to protect their lives from terrorist attacks. Similarly, cordon and search is also another well-known military tactic, in which a specific area is thoroughly searched for weapons or insurgents (Singh, 2010). It is mainly done by military forces to rescue the citizens of that particular region. Disengagement, De-radicalization and Rehabilitation (DDR) strategy (Defenceviewpoints.Co.UK, 2012) is also referred as an armoury weapon which is utilised to renounce the terrorists from activities of radicalism and violence. It also includes implementation of varied types of rehabilitation programmes to assimilate previous terrorists to de-radicalize the causes of terrors from the society (Andrew, 2010). Consequently, PRAC strategy is also another most significant approach taken by the insurgency groups such as Counter Terrorism Command (CTC), Special Operation Branch (SO15), National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) to protect crowded places and borders. It is utilised to impede the spread of extremist ideologies within the periphery of the UK, in order to enhance safety and security, by reducing terrorism and violence (Whitehouse.Gov, 2011). Moreover, the government of the UK also implemented the policy of ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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