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Is democracy promotion/economic development an effective counter terrorism strategy - Essay Example

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The escalating incidences emanate from many factors that affect touch on the well-being of the people engaging in the vice. Terrorism has devastating effects that range from disrupted economic growth and…
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Is democracy promotion/economic development an effective counter terrorism strategy
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Download file to see previous pages When adequately addressed, economic and democracy issues result into satisfied citizens leading to limited chances of terror groups arising. Improved democracy and economic development can assist most countries in the fight against terrorism.
Democratization is a vital strategy in counterterrorism. Democracy, when effectively adopted limits the chances of circumstances and conditions that favor the legitimization and spread of terrorism from taking place. It leads to the advancement of human freedom and democracy that are essential to ensuring the success of the war on terror-related activities. Democracy helps counter four factors that commonly contribute to the development of domestic terror groups (Gross, 2009, p26). Freedom gives more people the opportunity to participate in political processes together with increased civil liberties. It also leads to the upholding of the rule of law discouraging many people from becoming members of terror groups. When democracy is present in a country, the citizens believe in the systems of justice. It diverts their attention from seeking alternative strategies of airing their grievances, for instance, participating in terror activities. Democracy widens the scope of avenues available for people to pursue their grievances in a country. A democratic system protects the sovereignty and ensures maintenance of order in a state. Conflicts resolution occurs peacefully through the independent and fair justice systems. However, controversy arises in the case of transnational terrorism that occurs irrespective of democracy in a country. The fact, therefore, remains that democracy is only effective in curbing domestic terrorism because transnational terrorism arises from other factors.
In close relation to the effect of democracy on the ease of joining terror groups is the reduction of the number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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