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Security Engineers Inc - Research Paper Example

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Security Engineers, Inc Name Institution Course Professor Date Upon carrying out an interview on one of the Security Engineer, Inc employee, I got some information about the company and the employee. The following is a summary of the questions I asked and answers that I got…
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Security Engineers Inc
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Download file to see previous pages On what other jobs in private security that they have held, I was told they were protective services for VIP’s threatened employers, and surveillance. Supplementing of the interviewee experience was the reason he pursued career in private security. I asked what their opinion was, what was the difference between public and private organizations. His answer were, private security do not have much red tape when substandard employees are detected. In government institutions, there are restrictions to terminate employees. Para-military organizational structure was the answer I got after asking what the similarity was between public and private organization in their community. Weapon qualifications, annual in-service classes and eight hours of training were the answer to the minimum qualifications for employment. I asked how the media image of local law enforcement is and he told me that public views the local police agencies as inadequate. I asked him about the name and location, of employer, which he gave me as Security Engineers, Inc, in Birmingham, Alabama. I asked for his contact numbers and he gave me (205)-251-0566. He had worked for nine years and he had previously been employed at National Guard MP Unit. He did bachelor in criminal justice after asking about his education. He said that opportunities for advancement are average due to limited size of department. Security Engineers, Inc Company is a private security organization, which is in Guard, Detective, and Armored Car Services industry located in Birmingham, Alabama with contracts all over the southern states. Their postal address is; P. O. Box 10231 (35202), Birmingham, AL 35203 (Security Engineers, Inc, 2010). Their fax and telephone number are; Phone: (205) 251-0566, Fax: (205) 251-6827 (Security Engineers, Inc, 2010). Administrative functions like accounting, training, human resource; payroll and central operations in the entire of Birmingham are hosted by the security engineers. They work 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and a total of 365 days in a year. The primary difference between public security, for example, the police and private security is that private security does not have much as much red tape when sub-standard employees are detected. On the other hand, government agencies have all kinds of restrictions to terminate employment of substandard employees. However, both public and private security organizations, for example, Security Engineers, Inc, have a Para-military organizational structure. Security Engineers, Inc also combines forces and resources to prevent and combat crime by providing eyewitness information that assists law enforcers to pursue criminal activities, in Alabama. Although the media views the local police department and the sheriff’s department as in adequate in the area, not much media attention is given to Security Engineers, Inc. The company’s mission is to bring forth quality uniformed security services to private security industry particularly to the communities they serve (Security Engineers, Inc, 2010). Development of strategic operation centers is very essential in establishing reputation in any security industry. Security Engineers, Inc has strategically operational centre and professional management is practiced in the company, which sets the company aside from competition n the industry. Experience is their strongest element; since their managers are, have a broad collection of experience in military, private security ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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