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Security Quality Requirements - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper 'Security Quality Requirements" focuses on the fact that the authors of the complete textbook draw widely on the systematic method created for the Build Security In (BSI) Web site to represent two renowned resources in the security world: Cigital, Inc. …
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Security Quality Requirements
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Extract of sample "Security Quality Requirements"

Download file to see previous pages The authors present a detailed explanation as to why software security entails more than simply getting rid of vulnerabilities and carrying out penetration tests, “ determining that such requirements have been satisfied will do nothing to ensure that the software will also behave securely even when it operates correctly” (31). The authors emphasize that IT infrastructure security practices and the techniques of network security do not adequately guard application software against security threats. They propose that software security programs should pursue a risk-management approach in order to set priorities and identify adequate measures. Security engineers and project managers must understand that software security risks will keep changing throughout the SDLC. They need to have the perspective of an attacker so as to address the array of tasks that software should perform, and how to improve the capacity of software to can resist, endure, and recuperate when under attack “the community needs to think creatively and have a firm grasp of the attackers perspective and the approaches used to exploit software” (45). The book contributes to the annotated bibliography collection by providing a wide overview that can help firms to select a set of policies, processes and techniques that are suitable for their security development purposes. This source addresses the entire life cycle of software development with a detailed outline and review of emerging topics and trends which is absent in most publications related to this subject.

This article deals with the efficiency of open source for security. The authors state that trust of closed source also implies trust of compilers and getting rid of randomizing defences for buffer overflow. Some kinds of threats best realized by code reviews such as race conditions and backdoors are featured. The authors emphasize that the objective of commercial software is to produce upgrades and this may indirectly raise security issues.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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