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In the increasingly changing environment of global competitiveness, the quality assurance is a managerial initiative to improve and improvise the goods and services to meet the changing requirements of the customers. Medium© is a new software company and it is important that…
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Research paper, management responsibility of a small, start-up software company
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Introduction In the increasingly changing environment of global competitiveness, the quality assurance is a managerial initiative to improve and improvise the goods and services to meet the changing requirements of the customers. Medium© is a new software company and it is important that software quality assurance becomes intrinsic part of managerial responsibility. Indeed, the integrated approach of the management must introduce effective strategic goals and managerial controls that are able to address the emerging challenges of the society at large. The important ingredients of managerial responsibility that facilitate improved performance outcome can be enumerated as below:
Commitment of management
The cut throat environment of global business demands a committed management that is focused towards collective goals and creative thinking. The management needs to accept the challenge of creating a cohesive and encouraging atmosphere so that the workers could get effective learning environment. They are also responsible for advocating and nurturing a high standard of ethics and quality work while fostering a good relationship amongst them which includes the administrators, management and entire customer base.
Quality policy and objectives
The major objective of quality management is to promote quality assurance at various levels of business processes through measures that drastically reduce the percentage of error within the production and maintain a minimum standard. Juran asserts ‘all quality improvement occurs on a project-by-project basis and in no other way’ (Juran, 2000). This is the foundation of quality assurance techniques and application which the organizations follow in order to meet the challenges of the time. Hence, the changing dynamics of the global business has necessitated formation and incorporation of management strategies that go beyond the realm of individual company’s concern and plan for distinctive competencies to give the company market leadership. The focused approach must facilitate and identify the critical factors of change and meet the challenges with creative inputs through collective vision and shared goals.
IBM believes that policy rationale for quality management promotes ‘productivity and quality across the entire service lifecycle from requirements, design, development, quality assurance, security, and compliance to deployment and operations’ (IBM). Hence, SQM must ensure that careful consideration of various inter-related modules, which are intrinsic to its successful implementation, are incorporated within the processes to produce the desired outcome of efficiency, quality and profits.
Customer Focus
In the fast advancing technology and rapidly evolving societal norms, the preferences of the people is also changing with the same speed. The rapid globalization has created a pluralistic society which has diverse needs and requirement. The company should incorporate the changing requirements of the people through the development of new products and services that meet the changing demands of the masses. Hence, through regular surveys, feedback processes and R&D activities, it should continuously make efforts to identify the opportunities for new products that meet the changing demands of the people.
Internal communication
It is significant in the administration of the organization and projection of organization’s aims and objectives amongst the workforce as well as in the eyes of the public and stakeholders. Internal communication motivates people to better performance, leading to higher productivity. Managerial leadership within the organizational environment requires creative approach to communicate effectively, especially for resolving workplace conflicts and promoting cross cultural understanding of values. Thus, effective communication must become intrinsic part of managerial leadership of Medium© so as to promote transparency, inculcate mutual trust and help build a credible image amongst its various stakeholders.
Juran, Joseph M. (2000). Juran’s Quality Handbook. McGraw-Hill.
IBM. Available from: [Accessed 26 November, 2009]. Read More
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