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Congressinal committee hearing simulation - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Congressional committee hearing The various committees set in the senate or congress play a significant role in determining the strength of bills proposed. To keep foreign visitors and foreign workforce in check, the subcommittee dealing with immigration, border security and refugees debate on various issues .The issues entail probable regulations that handles these group of individuals with limited chances of them posing security lapses for the United states a country…
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Congressinal committee hearing simulation
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"Congressinal committee hearing simulation"

Download file to see previous pages On provision of temporary work visas, the bill aims at increasing the availability of a workforce that is non-immigrant with the main aim of reinforcing the existing workforce. I therefore suggests adoption of the bill on the basis that it would commit resources necessary to streamline and modernize current immigration legal systems.Similarly,the bill apart from playing a pivotal role in securing the borders would make regulations tough but not punitive program for guest workers in the United States. The bill covers the business and labor aspects that take into consideration future plights of the workforce. It entails the chances of those under worker program being considered for permanent residence application. Under this tittle, issuances of both permanent and temporary visas are covered. It incorporates aspects of AgJOBS and DREAM ACT. This is to cover undocumented people and workers on agricultural sector respectively (Eule 22-25). Eligibility and requirements The bill is comprehensive under with its guidelines on those who are eligible for immigrant programs and details of requirements. Workers will need to apply for visa considerations if they have been the United States for at least six years. The applicants need to have a clean integrity records and must have not been convicted in more than three occasions. In the same line, applicants should be admissible under the prevailing legislations. However, this group will not be privileged to benefit from Medicaid, affordable care act, and food stamps. It is recommended that those who have had their application pending for the past five years or even more be considered. The nature of the bill and the fact that it directly influences the revenue collection needed by the various State governments motivates me to vote for the guest worker visa program bill. The other reason is that, security concerns with the bill in terms of border security is a matter that can easily be kept in check by the immigration regulations with least interference from the new bill. The decision to vote for this bill is purely because of its general and long-term benefits to the state and even to the guest workers. The sensitivity of the bill therefore pushes me to vote without putting many considerations on party lines but purely on personal conviction.Similarly, the issue of temporary visas would make those who previously stayed and work illegally in the United States come up and apply for the temporary visas. This is because there security and stay in the United States would have a legal backing even if it is temporary. It is my contribution that the six-year period placed as the least number of years to qualify for work visa application be amended. Six years is a long time based on the individual’s contribution to the state. These years should therefore be reduced to three. If such an amendment is effected, then it would encourage influx of gifted expertise from other states. This would in turn facilitate further revenue to the United States government that could be in return invested in other sectors. Additionally, the amendment plays a pivotal role in filling workforce deficits in areas such as the agricultural and economic sector (Eule 71-73). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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