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College Rights versus Gun Rights - Essay Example

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College rights versus gun rights: This paper is primarily based on defending gun rights in the campuses and presenting valid reasons for this defense. Although states have greatly differing gun laws, yet banning guns at campuses remains a widespread national policy (Jaschik, 2006)…
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College Rights versus Gun Rights
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, colleges should not be able to ban arms since this flawed decision may result in a probability of increased rate of rapes and murders at the campuses. Banning arms at the educational setup is simply a government’s guarantee to the trouble maker students that they are allowed to pursue their criminal activities and create pandemonium since the law-abiding innocent students would not have any weapon with them for their defense. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (2009) present a valid report regarding the peace situation at the campuses which did not ban the right to carry guns. According to the report, eleven US universities allowed concealed carry and following this decision, no disturbing incidents like gun theft and gun violence have been reported by the college administrations. Proponents of gun rights argue for banning weapons from the campuses because in their opinion, carrying guns strengthens the bravado of emotional students who may shoot their professors dead over trivial matters. Schulte (2009) says that nearly all states, except Utah, agree that carrying weapons on campus is a really bad idea. “Increased incidence of high-risk behaviors on college campuses, such as binge drinking and drug use, are commonly cited by anti-gun advocates as reasons to keep weapons off campus” (Smeck, 2011). ...
he law with criminal intentions will get green signal for hitting the vulnerable targets and easily get away with their horrendous actions without being hit in reaction. Nowadays, the situation has worsened so much that violent crimes like rapes are happening on college campuses every single day. How are the innocent students supposed to react in a situation where they are forced to face serious danger by their enemies? They do not have any option but cowering silently after being cornered by the criminal student gangs. Proponents of gun rights seriously overlook the number of disadvantages brought on by banning gun rights by fervently sticking to the single factor that guns on campus policy is potentially conducive fore mass shooting breakouts, which can shatter the quality of educational atmosphere that is the hallmark of any good institution. In their report, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (2009) claim that gun-control policies have visibly failed at many prestigious American institutions like University of Memphis, Delaware State University, University of Washington since the year 2000, causing many students injuries and death as a result of being virtually unprotected. Unfortunately, within two years of the horrific incident in which a Virginia Tech student deliberately shot 32 students and professors dead, a debate has initiated between the gun-rights advocates and the supporters of gun-carry laws (Roth & Haman, 2009). The gun-rights advocates have failed to convince the state authorities to pass a bill for allowing carrying guns at the campuses. Following the ruthless murders performed together by the Virginia Tech student, government’s decision to ban gun rights and not pass a bill that allows the students the right of concealed carry on campuses is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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