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Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartment through a A No-Inconsiderate-Partying Contract - Research Paper Example

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This paper is a recommendation report that aims to prevent and resolve inconsiderate partying in the apartment. The author interviewed members of the UDR management, Samrwit Kahsai, and Beede Haile, to determine their concerns regarding this contract and conducted an online survey for UDR apartment renters (n=26)…
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Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartment through a A No-Inconsiderate-Partying Contract
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Extract of sample "Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartment through a A No-Inconsiderate-Partying Contract"

Download file to see previous pages A No-Inconsiderate-Partying (NIP) contract is recommended because it can effectively and efficiently prevent and resolve insensitive parties in the UDR apartment. The contract will have a section on empathy, designation of quiet hours, a recommendation of other outlets where renters can party, and sanctions for violators, including cancellation of the lease. I also suggest a party room for every floor and enhancement of the soundproof quality of all rooms. These are more costly suggestions but they can increase profits and improve the living experience and brand equity. Hence, the most cost-efficient and effective is the No-Inconsiderate-Partying (NIP) contract that has high management and renter acceptability and sustainability.
I am a recurring victim of inconsiderate partying in the UDR apartment at Domain College Park. Some of the renters here party up to 3 a.m. during weekdays. Though the apartment has students and employees renters alike, many renters are actually students since this apartment is in College Park, and this really makes it more inconceivable how they can be quite insensitive to the sleep and studying needs of other students like them. I could not always tell them to lower their noises because I am afraid of dealing with drunken adolescents and adults and because there have been times when I told them to lower their noise, which they did for a few minutes, and then they increased the noise again. I have gone to the apartment staff of the UDR apartment at Domain College Park to complain about these party noises. The staff stressed that they have a “no-party” policy and that they would remind the room’s inhabitants about it.  These partying noises continue up to now.  Clearly, the no-party policy is not effective in deterring or resolving insensitive partiers.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartme Research Paper - 1)
Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartme Research Paper - 1.
“Recommendations for Reducing Inconsiderate Partying in the UDR Apartme Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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