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Partying during the school days - Essay Example

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Name Class Professor Date Experience: Partying during school days I. Introduction Thesis statement: Partying during school days is not good. Partying during school days is not good. Not only that it takes away the valuable time that should have been spent for studying, but it also takes mortgage on the activities of the following day because of staying up late during the previous night…
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Partying during the school days
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Download file to see previous pages II. Body Overview of experience The experience happened during the first few weeks in school where I was eager to meet new friends and to get acquianted with my new surrounding. Such, I did not pass any opportunity to party even if it was during school days. I did this activity of partying for few months when I was still new in school because I was excited with my new found freedom and got hooked with the night life. Evaluation of experience Initially, it felt so good to party even if it was school days. I met new interesting friends every few days and get to hang out with “cool” people in school. I was also updated not only with the latest trend be it in fashion, technology or what have you, but also on the latest campus gossip. I also felt “superior” with other kids in school because I have an active social life where I knew people whereas others were having hard time to be even invited for a party. This happened for few months and I thought that fun will never end. Until realization came. The first thing I noticed is that I always run out of money. The allowances that was sent to me that was supposed to be for my board and lodging were spent in party and booze. So to be able to pay for my board and lodging, I used the money for my books, projects and other incidental expenses for school. I know its not right but I was having so much fun to care. Second, I was beginning to notice that I am not getting the grades that I used to get. My grades are getting lower and lower. Thinking back, I used to blame my professors for being so thrifty with giving grades. But analysing it today, my low grades then was just a natural consequence of my lifestyle. I did not study because I spend most of my time partying. I was also staying up very late and usually drunk. So it follows that I would feel sleepy in class during the next day because I lack sleep not to mention that I havea hangover. I also cannot focus on the lecture and my mind was always drifting away because it badly needs a sleep. And because I was not studying, I did not well during exams. My term papers were also late and badly written because I did not put due diligence in writing them. These resulted in lower grades which my parents eventually noticed. Future ramifications My parents discovery of my partying is only a minor ramification of my unhealthy lifestyle as a student. Of course they will reprimand me for my irresponsible actions but eventually, they will still be there because they are my parents. The future ramification that I am worried about is that I may not become well equip to face my professional life after graduating school (that is if ever I will graduate) or worst, that I may not be able to finish school because of my partying that make my grades suffer. Whichever it may be, it is not good. III. Conclusion After a long hard thinking, I realize that I am sabotaging my own future with my partying during school days. I realize that everytime I stay up late, Iam taking mortgage on my efficacy as a student on the next day because I am not well rested and has hangover. I realized that if I keep on this doing that kind of lifestyle, nothing will ever happen to me and I may not even graduate in school. I have to change my ways before its too late. So I quit the habit and learned how to balance things. Partying in itself is not bad. What makes it bad is when it is prioritized over school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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