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Interviewing Skills in Legal Practice - Essay Example

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The paper “Interviewing Skills in Legal Practice” seeks to evaluate the capability to interview as well as in a client-focused method, which is essential to a lawyer’s aptitude to do his or her job properly. The client requires telling the lawyer his or her narrative…
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Interviewing Skills in Legal Practice
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Download file to see previous pages “They may have been served with a paper stating things that they know to be untrue; they may have been wronged by another” (Sarat & Felstiner, p. 83, 1997). They may consider that they have acted in a befitting manner and, once all the details are uncovered, no sensible individual could oppose that they have been wrongly charged. They may realize that they have acted incorrectly by some means but have a litany of allegations of improvement, justification, and rationalization.
 Public speaking is constantly stated as an extremely frightened occasion in investigations. Lawyers have to do a considerable amount of discussion and be at ease communicating in the presence of others, even the transactional legal representative who under no circumstances goes to the courthouse apart from to file real estate papers. Therefore, it is essential to take into account that the prospective customer may have a huge deal of apprehension regarding telling his or her narrative to an unfamiliar person. How to deal with the clients’ preliminary requirement to tell their narrative is something that is handled differently by various lawyers. It is a manifestation of their individual approach and the topic of their practice. There is no exact technique here, even though there are a few incorrect ones, for instance, the lawyer doing the talking for the most part, with lots of inexplicable legal terminology and giving ‘little or no time for follow-up questions’ by the prospective client.
 Listening is a most important requirement for an interview, and like other abilities can be enhanced with learning and rehearsal. Too many times within these days’ society, what stands for listening is only waiting silently for your turn to have a discussion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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